Subscription Box Saturday | Bookishly

Subscription Box Saturday | Bookishly

It’s amazing the type of things you can find when searching the internet. I have had to refine my tactics many times to find subscription boxes and recently have been looking up small business tea subscription boxes, tea and candle subscription box, or tea and book subscription box. These types of *investigation worthy* searches led me to Bookishly, a tea (or coffee) and book subscription company from the UK. It didn’t take long at all for it to get to me, so here is my full analysis.

What is the Price?

I was quite torn when deciding which club to choose. They have a Classic of the Month Club or a Tea and Vintage Book Club. They both looked quite fun, but I was intrigued by the lovely look of the classic books. For the Classic of the Month Club, each month costs £13.00 (17.08 USD) and you can choose between a beverage of coffee or tea. Shipping within the UK is free, but I had to pay £3 ($3.94 USD).

How is the Packaging?

This subscription box came in perfect condition. The small tea pouch was not all the way airtight, but I loved the way that the tea corresponded with the book by the custom label “drink me”. Also, the book was so beautifully wrapped that I did not want to unwrap it.

What is the sourcing of the tea like?

This was a bit of the more difficult part. Bookishly does not make their own blends, so I had to then research Jenier Teas, a small UK tea brand. They were amazing at their sourcing information and provided that this tea was from the Hunan Province, China and grown about 2500ft above sea level.

How was the Tea?

Kaika Cherry Sencha: I could smell the aroma of this tea right away, within seconds of steeping it. I have mentioned before that green tea blends are something I need to be in the mood for, but I can see myself reaching for this tea. This tea was quite light and mild, but had a little punch of rose-y flavor at each sip. There was a slight drying sensation around my mouth when sipping, but nothing too intense. The taste of rose was the primary flavor, but that poingnet green tea taste did seep through. For a green tea blend, it hit all of the marks for me.

Ingredients: Luxury Green Sencha Tea, Rose Petals, and Natural Flavors

Would I Buy this Subscription Box Again?

I think this was a fun adventure to try and j would not be against trying it again. The book was so beautiful, and the tea was quite delicate. But for $20, I could probably get a couple books or a few bags of tea for the same amount. I also lucked out and revieved a book that I liked, Alice in Wonderland.

What are your thoughts on book and tea subscriptions? Would you be able to stand not knowing what book you are getting? Happy Brewing!


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