Exotic Peacock | Totem Tea Shop UK

Exotic Peacock | Totem Tea Shop UK

Totem Tea Shop has the cutest packaging and no one can change my mind. Virginie founded this tea shop after idealizing about it for years. A sudden shift caused her to jump on the opportunity and start it. No matter what is going on in our lives, tea is always there. And that is the aspect that Totem Teas is trying to bring to their customers. Her teas come with seven promises, that they will be: Whole Leaves, Organic, Ethical, Vegan, No Artificial Coloring or Flavoring, 100% Biodegradable Packaging, and All Hand Prepared in Dorking. She sent me a plethora of teas, but here are my thoughts on Exotic Peacock (yes all of her blends are animal-like).

Exotic Peacock (aka. Raspberry Lime Herbal Tea): The aroma of the dry leaves were so lovely, I was very excited to dive right in and both a little sad that I only got a small sample of this one. The color of the tea was light pink. The aroma, once it brewed, was lemony/limey and reminded me quite a bit of lemonade. I shared a bit with my brother and he thought it was also a lemonade type of tea. As I started drinking the tea, I could feel the warmth just spread through my body. There is a fruity and sweet front flavor with a zing of the citrus at the end of the sip. This would be absolutely wonderful iced, but I do love my tea hot in this case. I did not taste as much of the fruitiness besides a light sweetness in the tea which complimented the citrus elements of it. I did really wish that I could taste a bit more coconut, but it did provide almost a calming aspect to the tea (I could feel the coconut more than taste it.

Ingredients: Organic Apple, Organic Quince, Organic Coconut, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Hibiscus, Natural Flavoring, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Raspberry, Organic Cornflower, Organic Goji Berry

Price: For 12 biodegradable tea bags, the price is £4.29 ($5.61 USD), and for a 30 gram biodegradable pouch it is £3.99 ($5.22 USD). I could not find the price for the sample size that I received.

Packaging: I can only comment on the packaging of the sample and the other teas I was sent. As previously stated, all elements of the tea are biodegradable. The tea bags seemed more starchy and folded over in some places (aka they looked quite environmentally friendly). It is said on their website that their tea bags are made with wood pulp and their mailing envelopes with paper.

Sourcing: So this company claims everything is organic and ethical, but do not write does where they get their tea from. It is possible that they do not want to expose their supplier or give it away.

Do you ever buy tea from another country? If so, why? I always ask myself why I buy tea from across the pond. Currently, I am on a buying ban so it will be quite difficult in the day’s to come. Happy Brewing!


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