Matcha | Preferred Matcha Co

Matcha | Preferred Matcha Co

Preferred Matcha Tea Company is a matcha company that focuses on quality and the effects that it can have on quality of life and health. The founder Jo lives with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia since 1991, and after starting to drink matcha, she noticed her white blood cell count drastically go down. From that point, she traveled to Japan to find the best matcha and supplier, and the company was born. She sent me her Ceremonial Grade Matcha for me to try. Here are my thoughts:

Ceremonial Grade Matcha: Sometimes when reviewing Matcha, I get so distracted by the unique taste of it, that I forget to actually review it. This happened with this one, taking me about three mini packages to fully be able to analyze it. As I was whisking it up, I noticed the lovely and bright color of the matcha, a really good sign about the quality. There did not seem to be too much yellowness in the powder, mostly a bright green. It “whipped up” also quite a lovely green as well, I did not even need to use a sifter due to the fine powder.

The character was quite mellow, and thankfully not chalky at all. There was not much astringency and the vegetalness (is that a word?) of the matcha was somewhat subdued, making a really nice cup to drink. There was also a grassy sweetness to the matcha. I just felt calm when drinking this tea, I could literally feel the tension in my shoulders just slip away and found my back more relaxed as well. I really liked this matcha and the quality. I can be rather picky with my matcha, and will use lesser-quality matchas for lattes (although I do use better matchas as well depending on what I have on hand) or to experiment with. I have only one stick left, so I plan on saving it for the next time I am stressed or want a really nice cup of matcha.

Price: For the individual pouches, they must be sold in a larger quantity of 60 grams (2 gram pouches aka 30 individual pouches) for $28.99. Otherwise, you can buy just the matcha powder in a 30 gram pouch for $19.99.

Packaging: I loved the individual packages of the matcha, honestly, I could see me taking these to work and having a bit of matcha bliss when there (whenever I go back which might be a while). They removed the need for some of my normal matcha making tools which also made it more convenient to have my morning cup of matcha.

Sourcing: The matcha comes from the elevated highlands of Japan, which is expected of ceremonial grade matcha.

What is your matcha consumption like? Do you have a daily ritual (or weekly), or do you let your heart guide your tea consumption? Let me know! Happy Brewing!


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  1. Just the fact that the owner had lymphoma makes me want to buy this matcha as I am a 23-year Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor!! Love your blog and always enjoy your reviews!

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