Huadan (Red Dawn) Black Tea | Hello Tea Baby

Huadan (Red Dawn) Black Tea | Hello Tea Baby

During this quarantine, some of us (I am calling myself out here) spent some time on the couch. Others, like Hello Tea Baby, decided to come up with a way of making tea through sun power fermentation. I really feel like I was slacking a bit with my work, couch, and tea routine that I established while others are experimenting with tea and fermentation techniques. They reached out to me to try their best seller Huadan Black tea, describing it as a kind of new specie. They combine oolong techniques and used the power of the sun for fermentation, resulting in a clean finish taste and the ability to brew over 6 times. Here are my thoughts:

Huadan (Red Dawn) Black Tea: The aroma of the brew seemed a bit savory and tannin-y at first. it then developed into a slightly creamy aroma with hints of fruitiness. The dry leaf had the appearance of thin leaves (which makes sense due to the sun fermentation process). As I tasted the tea, I noticed that it was a light brew overall but carried a slight tangy sourness to it. My brother tried a little bit of it and thought he tasted some smokiness, which I did not pick up on at all. The color of the brew was lighter than expected and was a lovely golden orange color. After two infusions, I noticed a sweetish aroma that reminded me a bit caramelized fruit. At first I was a bit confused because the leaves had only lasted me about 3-4 infusions, and then realized that I probably did not use enough leaves. So, I ended up adding a little bit more which helped a bit.

I have drank this tea multiple times since receiving it and the next few times that I tried it, the tea lasted way longer. I believe that I did not use enough leaves the first time, and the tangy sourness was a bit more prevalent. I also noticed how mild this tea was, making it quite refreshing.

Price: It is $12 for 100 grams of tea or $24 for 200 grams. However, this tea is currently sold out on their website!

Packaging: Packaging is fairly standard, but I was surprised the pouch did not have the logo on it at all. I could not smell any aroma coming from the bag, and the bag did not let any light come through it.

Source: This tea is sourced from the Anxi County in Fujian, China.

If you have time to do a deep dive into some tea articles, I highly suggest the Tea Hacker News from Hello Tea Baby. Article after article, I was very impressed by the writing and just plain interesting stories that was written here. Happy Brewing!


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