Matcha Monday | Arteao

Matcha Monday | Arteao

Arteao is a US based company focused on wellbeing and quality ingredients to put into your body. As part of the 1% for the Planet, they are also an environmentally conscious brand and are trying to help the planet through their shop. I first bought their lovely pink and blue matchas for fun antioxidant smoothies, and then was approached to try their Ceremonial Grade Matcha for you guys. Here are my thoughts.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha: The matcha powder was a nice green color and was a lighter green when all “whipped” up. Before trying this matcha, I was expecting the usual sweet grassiness and slight bite of the matcha that I am usually drinking and associate with matcha. However, the was instantly different. There was a mellowness to it without any vegetal bite. The matcha had a crispness & brightness to it, that I really have not experienced with any other matcha. This puzzled my senses quite a bit. It is odd when one single tea can change your perspective on matcha. While sipping, I did not notice any chalky like texture, which I was thankful for, and it overall made an extremely enjoyable cup.

Price: The price of this matcha is $35. For the quality of this matcha, I would say this is near standard price and is worth it.

Packaging: This matcha came in a tin with the matcha sealed in a bag inside. It also came with a air-tight seal that I had to pull back, which is another way that the matcha stayed really fresh until it got to me.

Sourcing: This matcha is sourced from Kyoto, Japan. They note a few times on their website that their products are made from small farmers or craftmans who keep tradition.

What do you look for when consuming matcha? I really look for the coloring of the matcha powder and how well the tea stays together. Happy Brewing!


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