Chaga Tea w/ Bergenia | Baikal Tea

Chaga Tea w/ Bergenia | Baikal Tea

Sometimes the oddest teas stumble its way to me, and I end up enjoying every second of it. I never really imagined myself consuming Russian Chaga but I am very glad that I did. Baikal Tea is a tea company I have previously reviewed, that focuses on herbal teas to help the body and mind. Sourced from Baikal Lake in Russia, their teas claim so many health benefits. Baikal Tea sent me their newest blend, Chaga Tea w/ Bergenia to review, and here are my thoughts!

Chaga Tea w/ Bergenia: The aroma of this tea is quite earthy, honestly reminded me a bit of the leaves of a ripe pu’erh. Obviously this is nothing like pu’erh, but there is almost something familiar about this aroma. The color of the brew is a deep reddish brown coloring. For the taste….alright…a sip later and I am convinced that this is an herbal substitute for pu’erh tea. It is not identical, but quite similar. There is an earthiness along with almost a mossiness to it, more green if that makes sense. For those concerned with “fungus” tea, I really do not mind it and you can not taste a mushroom type taste. The entire blend is quite smooth and not astringent at all! Looking into this tea, I found that the Bergenia naturally ferments which makes sense about my association!! The only thing I definitely want to add is that this tea does not hurt my stomach like ripe pu’erh. I can get stomach cramps or nausea when drinking ripe pu’erh so honestly this might be my go to when I am craving it but do not want to risk the pain.

What Baikal Tea states about this tea:

  • Chaga on Steroids: Chaga is great by itself, but it’s even better with just a little bit of Bergenia herb!
  • Ancient natural superfood: Native to indigenous people of Baikal Lake, this Chaga with Bergenia recipe is ancient and vital.
  • Double the benefits: Bergenia opens up Chaga Tea in flavor and nutrients, while also good for major organs to assist with waste removal, heart contractions and respiration
  • The secret wonder: Bergenia is the only herb to naturally ferment throughout the year thanks to its thick leaves and snowy Siberian winters.
  • The perfect Duo: Chaga and Bergenia both have immunomodulatory effects, so taking them together can be a great way to improve your immune system

Price: This tea is currently listed on Amazon for $9.99 for 30 tea bags. I think that is a really decent price for this tea.

Packaging: The tea came in a large tea pouch that was able to keep all the lovely aromas in, absolutely no complaints here.

Sourcing: Baikal tea sources many of their teas from Lake Baikal in Russia, this one included.

Have you ever had Chaga tea before? What are your thoughts on it, and would you have it again? I think I will have this many times again, and enjoy my faux pu’erh tea. Happy Brewing!


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