Pharaoh Tea Company | Tea Review

Pharaoh Tea Company | Tea Review

Pharaoh Tea Company is a black owned and operated tea company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their focus is to help spread and teach history through tea, mainly Egypt (which is perfect for me, because I have a facination with Egyptian culture and history). They sent me their Queen Nefertiti Tea Box Set to review, here are my thoughts.

Ceylon Apricot: The aroma of the dry leaves made me so excited to brew this tea. Aroma is straight apricot and pit-fruit aroma. Color is a vibrant Orange with tinges of yellow around the edges. I can slightly smell an aroma of chocolate possibly, something that might be the black tea but I am not totally sure. Taste is naturally quite sweet and lovely, tasting fruity and like an apricot. I noticed that it was quite well balanced, not really overwhelmingly fruity but a lovely balance of fruitiness with the black tea. I was actually on a Zoom tea talk with some of my fellow tea-gramers when tasting this, and I briefly talked with Jenn from TeaLeavesandTweed about this tea. This blend is not in your face fruity, but it is more mellow and balanced.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Peach, Apricot

Mango Amazon: The aroma of this tea was also so lovely, both of the dry leaves and the aroma of the brewed tea. The dry leaves had a much more potent aroma, which is kind of the theme with these teas. With the brewed tea, the aroma consisted a bit more of the black tea, like a fruity black aroma (not much more I could describe honestly than that). The actual brewed tea was a lot lighter in the fruitiness, but still fairly balanced between the mango taste and the slight black tea taste. However, this one also seemed a bit come and go, my first cup seemed more fruity than my next one (which was much lighter). Perhaps using two tsp instead of one would be best for this tea.

Ingredients: Black Ceylon tea, Mango pieces, Marigold flower petals

Creme Brulee: I shared this tea with my Fiance and had his bourbon nose help me identify the intricacies of this tea. The color of the tea was a orange color with tinges of red. The aroma was quite creamy with hints of chocolate, nuts like hazelnuts or almonds, and vanilla. However, the taste was a bit more dulled down compared to the aroma. There were hints of vanilla but the nuttiness shined through the most. It had a very smooth character with a light flavor but everything meshed well together. I was really happy with this tea, and was glad it was a bit stronger than the other teas.

Ingredients: Black Ceylon Tea, Vanilla extract, Creme Brulee

Wild Strawberry: When I opened the container, I was greeted with an extremely strong smell of strawberry, which reminded me of strawberry pop tarts. It made my mouth absolutely water. I brewed the tea as normal (3 minutes, 1 tsp) and anxiously smelled the aroma of the brewed tea. It was a less potent strawberry aroma and kind of reminded me of a fruity caramel, which would be the black tea coming in a bit. The color of the tea was an orange color, with reddish tones and yellow/golden edges. The taste is a little underwhelming and I did not get much of anything. So, I waited for the tea to cool a bit. Once cooled, the tea still isn’t really heavy, it is quite light. There is the light strawberry taste but I was not really able to taste the black tea. Out of the teas, this would probably be my least favorite just due to the slight lack of taste. 

Ingredients: Black Tea, Strawberry leaves, Strawberry flavor

Price: For the Queen Nefertiti Tea Box Set, the price is listed as $29.99. Included was their 4 teas in 1 ounce portions, sugar, honey sticks, and reusable bags. They also sell their tea individually in 1-ounce sizes for $5.

Packaging: The teas came in clear plastic containers, which surprisingly kept the teas fairly insulated. I could not sense the tea aroma outside of the container. I also will be using these plastic containers when I finish up these teas, to try and reduce, reuse, and recycle (I am always trying to find new ways to reuse tea containers, let me know if you have fun ways).

Sourcing: I did not see any sourcing information on the website. If the company updates that or let’s me know, I will update this section.

I am actually very proud of this company for implementing feedback. Early on, I did not see the ingredient list on their page and asked for it, which I now see is proudly listed on their website. Unsure if it was just my efforts, but I am quite happy to see them adding the option in! Happy Brewing!


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