Self-Care with Loose Leaf Apothecary

Self-Care with Loose Leaf Apothecary

I have been struggling with self-care recently. I do not know if it is another pandemic blues moment or if I just feel so overwhelmed with my job, schooling, and blogging. I decided that I definitely need to invest a bit more into my mental and physical health.

Whitney, the owner of Loose Leaf Apothecary, put together a self-care kit for me to try out! Inside the kit were 4 teas (Boss Bitch, Adulting, Chill AF, and Summer Vibes), a herbal bath tea, some bath salts, muslin bags for the tea bath, and a candle. That very night I drew a bath, and used quite a bit of the products and just tried to de-stress. I find myself getting more and more stressed and uneasy lately, so it was absolutely lovely to have some time to myself and just decompress. Here were my thoughts:

Boss Bitch: This tea had a nice golden color with hints of white edges. I was a bit skeptical of how much this was really going to wake me up due to the ratio of black tea to herbal ingredients. The tea was a lovely combination of lemon and ginger, with lemon being light following with a light ginger kick. I do have a feeling that once this review goes live, I will have to hide this from my mom since she loves lemon and ginger mixes. I really liked the combination myself, I drank it during a work meeting and I do feel like it helped me make decisions and have little moments of bliss during that time. I really could not taste the black tea in this, it really tasted more like an herbal.

Ingredients: black tea, honeybush, ginger, oatstraw, lemongrass, rosehips, orange, rosemary, cinnamon.

Chill AF: The color of this tea was a lovely golden yellow. The tasting notes that I was getting off of this tea were floral notes with a very light sweetness that really mellowed and rounded out the taste. I could have sworn it was chamomile and acai-like, but it was most likely the rose petals and tulsi that I was tasting. But this did confuse me because the ingredient list did not have chamomile, but I saw little chamomile flowers in the blend. As I continued to drink, I noticed a little bit of mint sneaking in there. The tea was extremely calming with a bit of a cooling effect happening in my mouth. I also had a fresh feeling while drinking it, but near the end of the tea, I started to notice a slight drying effect in my mouth.

Ingredients: Tulsi, peppermint, cinnamon, cardamon, rose petals, gotu kola

Adulting: This reminded me quite a bit of chill af, slightly minty with hints of sweetness from the good berries. The aroma is almost entirely of the oatstraw (do not ask how I know that aroma well). There was a lingering effect of freshness within the mouth and a juicy feeling on the mouth as well after sipping. I really enjoyed this tea, more than I had thought I would. This blend is quite lovely and calming, which was exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes with herbal blends. I like to focus on feeling. On a super side note, this hair mask was absolutely amazing and smelled amazing.

Ingredients: Fenugreek seed, oatstaw, goji berries, mint, alfalfa, nettle, eleuthero, anise seed, safflower, red clover, stevia.

Summer Vibes: The linden threw me off a bit and I was a little nervous to drink this tea. The color was a beautiful reddish, watermelon coloring. I really noticed quite a bit going on with each sip, but thankfully I did not taste the stevia. Stevia sometimes is a bit too much for me taste wise. The tea had notes of strawberry, hibiscus, and some lemony flavor. Definitely a sweet and slightly tart kind of tea. My mouth also experienced some cooling effect on my gums and a juicy feeling overall in my mouth, which I did not expect. After a while, I did notice while there was a juicy feeling, drying factors on the front of my tongue started to occur. This tea would be amazing if iced, but fruity hot drinks are one of my favorite decompressing drinks.

Ingredients: hibiscus, lemongrass, dried berries, linden, cinnamon, stevia

The other self-care items were lovely as well. The tea bath is their Bath Tea Calm blend which does not have their ingredient list on their website, but were incredibly soothing. I was not super sure how much really the bath benefited me or how much I needed to use, but the whole practice of preparing my bath was extremely relaxing. The same with their Floral Bath Salts Relaxing blend. The Intention Candle I put in an old matcha jar and used it to light my bath a few times.

Price: The tea bath is priced at $3 per pound. The bath salts are priced at $10 for a glass container full of salts. The Intention Candle is priced at $2 per candle. The teas are priced the same at $8 for 2 ounces of loose leaf tea.

Packaging: I was given sample sizes of tea that make up about 2-3 cups of tea per sample. The sample packaging was the best, but my favorite was the bath salts in its glass jar, and the bath tea which seemed to be in the container that the normal tea sizes would be.

Sourcing: I did not see any sourcing information evident on their website, but only one blend had non-herbal ingredients in it.

How have you practiced self care lately? Sometimes I feel like I get in bits of being so stressed that the thought of self-care gets stressful, and I know that is definitely the time I need it most. Hope you are sipping on some lovely tea, Happy Brewing!


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