Peach Tea Bellini | Tea Cocktail Recipe

Peach Tea Bellini | Tea Cocktail Recipe

This recipe made me so happy (and not because it was alcoholic). I have been wanting to make a Peach Bellini for a while and knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to create another tea cocktail. I think this one might be my favorite overall that I have done. Dollar Tea Club sent me some of their blends to experiment with, and I chose their Peaches and Dreams tea for this cocktail.

I ended up making this in bulk for a small family gathering to celebrate my birthday, so the ratios represent that. This recipe is incredibly simple but was a great way to make a cocktail out of tea that you may already have on hand.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 Bottle of Chilled Champagne
  • 3 tbsp Peaches & Dreams
  • 2 Cups Frozen Peaches

An hour before, use three to four tablespoons of loose leaf tea for a pitcher of near boiling water (mine held about 6 cups of water) and steep for 5 minutes. When done, place the frozen peaches in the tea to assist in cooling off and for additional peach flavor. When serving, fill the champagne glass with 2 pieces of peaches, half champagne and half peaches & dream tea. Enjoy!!

For more sweetness, you can add honey to the tea after you have added the frozen peaches. Or alternatively, add more tea than champagne.

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I love making tea cocktails and finding ways of making some classic cocktails with tea!! I really enjoyed this recipe and hope you do as well!! Happy Brewing!


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