Another Look at Retro Leaf Tea Company

Another Look at Retro Leaf Tea Company

Retro Leaf Tea is a US Tea Company that combines a passion for tea and a love for video games. I have previously had (and loved) their teas; they have an amazing way of balancing the tea and natural flavors so the tea is not overwhelmed. They reached out to me again to try two new blends: Night Trap and River City Raspberry. Here were my thoughts:

River City Raspberry: The aroma of the dry leaves remind me of chocolate covered raspberries, being smooth and sweet. The color of the brewed tea was reddish orange with yellow edges. Right away, I went to smell the aroma of the wet leaves. I noticed that the leaves smelled fruity and had some black tea tannins peaking through. I have brewed this tea a couple times Western style and once with my gaiwan. The chocolate notes stick out the most to me, really combining nicely with the black tea. There is a sweetness element in it that was really nice. Slightly astringent after a while, but fairly smooth. The tea had a Medium body. The natural flavoring started to go away in my second steeping of my gaiwan. The chocolate elements almost have a smoothness to the tea at first. There is almost a fruity tartness that lingers as I continue to brew. Each infusion is definitely less and less flavor, and more of the black tea elements show through. 

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Raspberry Leaves, Spanish Safflower, Cornflower Petals, Raspberry and French Vanilla Flavoring

Night Trap: I was quite excited about this one because I saw that there was blood orange in this tea. The aroma was citrusy, with almost a bit sweet kind of like orange dark chocolate. The tea brewed a color of burnt orange with brighter edges, very beautiful. The first taste is quite orangey. I love blood orange tea but have only had it with Rooibos bases. So, it was quite interesting to see how black tea combined with the blood orange flavor. It did look like there is slight oil on top of the tea, but I ignored it. I like the taste of this tea, but there seems to be something missing regarding the chocolate and black tea elements. The main profile of this tea is more medium body with a rather smooth character to it.

Ingredients: Blend of Ceylon Black Teas, Orange Peel, Dark Chocolate Bits, Marigold Petals, Chocolate and Blood Orange Flavoring

Price: For River City Raspberry, the price is $7.99 for 50 grams and $14.99 for 100 grams. For Night Trap, the price is $6.99 for 50 grams and $12.99 for 100 grams.

Packaging: As normal, their packaging is stellar. Perfectly themed and kept the aroma in the bag

Sourcing: I still am not sure if they have any sourcing information available, I do not see any.

What did you guys think?? This is my second time collaborating with them, and my opinion really hasn’t changed. They still have a wonderful way of balancing flavors. Happy Brewing!!


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