Fall Friday | Salted Caramel Drop

Fall Friday | Salted Caramel Drop

Another beautiful day of fall is upon us. It’s getting colder here in Michigan, and it is getting harder to get out of bed due to the morning chill. However, something that always helps me get up is a hot cup of tea. Today, we are looking at Salted Caramel Drop Rooibos from FAVA Tea Company. Here are my thoughts:

I brewed this tea a couple of different ways, using an infuser and another letting the tea just sit in a small pot and pouring with a strainer. The aroma of this tea was sweet, with a typical rooibos aroma and a slight toastiness. At first, the tea appeared a bit redder, and as I allowed the caramel to melt a bit more, a caramelly reddish/brown color appeared. The cup made with the infuser was a bit light, with a prominent and upfront rooibos taste with a sweeter ending to each sip. As I brought more tea into my mouth, I could sense a sweeter caramel taste but it was not super prominent. I made another cup with the leaves freer to move around, and there was a bit more sweetness with each sip. Examining the leaves, I noticed some of the caramel did not fully melt. So, I took a little bit of extra water and poured it in to help melt.

The character of this tea was quite smooth and light-bodied. As the tea cooler, it seemed to get a bit cooler. Examining the leaves yet again, I noticed that there was rice in this! What!? It helped narrow down a note that I could not put my finger on, but thought there was a slight toastiness and resemblance to some genmaicha. After I was able to get the caramel to totally melt, the entire brew was quite sweeter and was quite similar to salted caramel! I would recommend that you brew this tea in a more open container, maybe using a french press, basket infuser, or a strainer.

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, Puffed Brown Rice, Caramel, Natural Flavor, Buckwheat (does not contain wheat), Skor Bits, Vanilla Powder, Sea Salt

Price: This tea is $3.75 per ounce or $48 per pound. I think this pricing is extremely fair and is quite affordable for anyone who wants some quality fall tea blends.

Packaging: The packaging of this tea was quite normal, being a tea pouch. I did not notice any tea aroma leaking from the bag, which was nice. I liked that they are able to use these pouches for all of their blends since they are able to write what the tea blend is and it’s base.

Sourcing: No sourcing information is available from what I can see, but this is also an herbal blend.

What teas are you drinking during the fall? Do you put away your lighter blends and bring out the heavier blends, or do you continue to drink whatever your mood desires? I think I continue drinking whatever I am in the mood for. Happy Brewing!


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