Amora Coffee…But Let’s Look at Their Tea

Amora Coffee…But Let’s Look at Their Tea

Amora Coffee is a US company that focuses on selling both coffee AND tea (despite its name sounding otherwise). Starting in 2011, they focused first on coffee before eventually expanding their offerings to include tea. Their mission is to bring the freshest products to the doors of their customers. They reached out to me and sent me two of their teas: Ginger Lemongrass and English Breakfast. Here were my thoughts:

English Breakfast: (I cannot lie; I am so proud of these pictures above). The color of this tea is a lovely amber with deeper red tones. The aroma was stronger than I expected and was had slightly sweet tannin notes and a heavier feel to it. I was expecting this tea to be slightly astringent or full-bodied based on the aroma, but was pleased that it was mellow in character. It seemed to warm my body as I continued to drink the tea. I noticed some natural sweet-like notes and one particular note that I kept picking up on was a walnut or nut like taste. It reminded me a bit of when I eat a walnut and the lingering taste that stays on the tastebuds for at least a minute after eating it. The taste of this tea, akin to walnuts, stays on the tongue for a bit.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Organic Black Tea
Origin: Iyerpadi Tea Estate, India

Ginger Lemongrass: Compared to the other tea, I honestly wish I redid this picture (even though I took this way before the English Breakfast). Right away the aroma reminded me of ginger and licorice, which I had not looked at the ingredient list yet, so I was not sure what to expect at first besides the ginger and lemongrass. It was a combination of sweet and spicy. A mix of the two for sure. The taste however was more lemongrass and licorice mixed, with not much ginger spice. The licorice was a bit distracting to me; I am not always the biggest fan of licorice. However, I have made this tea for my mom a few times and she loves it. It has the elements that she loves (ginger and lemon) and she does not mind the licorice taste.

Ingredients: 100% Natural & Organic Ginger Root, Lemongrass, Licorice Root, Lemon Peel, Mint

Price: This was difficult to find, which seems silly, but they have a offer where you can try this tea for free and just pay $1 for shipping. The value of the tins were $14.95 each. (I dug even deeper and found out that you could add another tin of tea for just $7.95 when you order their teas, at least at the time of reviewing this article – 10/5/2020).

Packaging: The tea came in tins which is my favorite way for tea storage and I do not see them too often for teabags. The teabags are also 100% biodegradable and are pyramid sachets.

Sourcing: The black tea had its origin in the description, but I almost missed it a few times. It was not disclosed on the packaging, but that is okay.

Would you order tea from a coffee company? I believe that was what intrigued me the most about this review, is that it is not a typical company that I review. I am glad that this tea surpassed my expectations (based on the fact that they started as a coffee company) and they now have an offering for tea lovers. Happy Brewing!


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