Leafberri | Discovering Tea from Kenya

Leafberri | Discovering Tea from Kenya

Leafberri Co is a tea company based in Dallas, Texas working to bring Kenyan Tea further into the US Market. They have a vision of helping smaller scale farmers in Kenya provide for their family and village, and want to create economic opportunities for them. With Quality, Excellence, and Integrity being their three core values, I knew that I was in for a treat when they sent me their tea, Aberdares Gold and Purple Au Naturale’. Here are my thoughts:

Aberdares Gold: Looking at the leaves, they appear to be twisted and are in a small, flatter ball like shape. I used my gaiwan to brew this tea, allowing myself a 30 second steep. Instantly after brewing, I stuck my nose in my gaiwan (and the tea) to see if I could pick up any notes. The first thing that I sensed was a bit of minerality, and then quickly picked up on some sweet and tanniny notes. Not being able to wait anymore, I took a sip and was immediately met with a subtle spice and/or cinnamon taste. I could tell instantly that this tea was quite different taste and character wise from a black tea sourced from China or India. It felt so…warm and comforting. Hard to describe honestly, because it was unlike other teas that I have tried before. Overall, it was a rather light tea, but still left a large and lasting impact on me.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Black Tea

Purple Au Naturale’: Purple tea is the type that I drink and love, but then forget about, to be completely honest. It falls off my radar but I love it when I make a cup of it. I brewed this tea a couple of ways, one being in my infuser bottle. The color immediately turned into a lovely purple, almost pinkish. (I am quite saddened that I did not take a picture then, but I try to keep my first taste more intimate and without phone distractions). The aroma was sweet hay mixed with a sweetness that reminded me a bit of grapes. Taking the first sip ignited the magic however, with a light taste akin to green tea and subtle hints of vegetalness. It was almost a more mellow version of green tea which makes it so pleasant to drink.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Purple Tea

Price: For 2 ounces of Aberdares Gold loose leaf tea, the price is $10. For 2 ounces of Purple Au Naturale’ loose leaf tea, the price is $12. I do not think that is a bad price coming in at $5 and $6 per ounce respectively.

Packaging: The packaging is quite standard, being tea pouches. The aroma of the tea was well contained and the tea leaves were well hidden from sunlight and air.

Sourcing: This part was easy as both teas come from Kenya, which is something they openly state and advertise. They further state that purple tea primarily grows in the Central Highlands and Rift Valley region of Kenya

I am so excited to have tried black tea from Kenya. Anytime I can learn a little bit more about a tea or its origin, I get so happy and just want to share everything with you guys. Happy Brewing!


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