Exploring Blooming Teas from FancySip

Exploring Blooming Teas from FancySip

FancySips is a US tea company that focuses on bringing people together and making tea a never ending experience and an enhancement in everyday life. They want their tea to help transport you our of your current state and bring you peace, as well as rewarding yourself with an amazing experience. They choose quality over quantity and high profits, sourcing their teas from small organic tea farms with the best leaves picked. They sent me their FancySip Organic Flowering Teas; here are my thoughts.

Romeo & Juliet: I thought that starting with Romeo & Juliet was fitting for the start of my romance with Fancysip. The color was a golden/brown color, more golden yellow from a distance. The dry flower ball had a sweet aroma that was fruity with some floral undertones. As the tea brewed, I noted that the aroma was slightly sweet and smelled quite a bit of jasmine. As I made my first sip, I was a bit shocked at the difference between the aroma and the actual taste. There was almost a darker element to the tea, meaning like a lightly roasted element. It was extremely pleasant to drink and quite complex. Jasmine notes take over and again I am reminded of a darker element to the tea. It is not oversteeping at all. I did not get much of the cherry notes, but being from Michigan and frequently visiting the Cherry Capital of the World, I am used to dynamic cherry flavors and not as much subtle. My brother had a bit of this tea and thought the tea was quite sweet and reminded him of raspberries. He also thought he tasted a hint of lemon and that the tea had an aroma of Jasmine. The character of the tea was quite smooth with a slight dryness over time. But quite lovely to drink.

Ingredients: Natural Cherry Flavor, Organic White Silver Needle Tea, Calendula, Jasmine, Globeamaranth

Blooming Love: I love the aroma of these teas, this one had a sweeter aroma with a nice fruity aroma that reminded me very much of raspberries and other seeded fruit. This one was a bit more drying to my senses, but still held an overall character of light and delicate. The tea held fruity undertones with floral white tea elements which could be both the white tea and the lily flower. This one was not as complex as some of the other teas, being mostly a fruity element that did slightly resemble raspberries, but it did not take as much to try and uncover certain notes. The lily flower mixed very subtly with the fruity notes and it made this tea extremely lovely and easy to drink. I will admit, I believe the true differences between these teas would come if comparing side by side (by side etc etc) and figuring out the differences. But that is not the point of this tea, the point is to enjoy and relax.

Ingredients: Natural Raspberry Flavor, Organic White Silver Needle Tea, Lily Flower, Osmanthus Frangrans Lour

Rising Sun: I was convinced that I was going to love this tea just based on the ingredients, the peach really got me excited. The aroma had some lovely and heavy peach notes. It also seemed a bit sweeter in aroma. As it steeped a but more, the floral notes of the jasmine spilled through a bit. My first impression tasting this tea was that it was lighter than I expected and slightly fruity. The white tea notes, just a hint of vegetal and floral sweetness, showed up after the end of each sip. The character of this tea was quite smooth and I am always impressed with how smooth these teas can be when the blooming leaves stay in the pot (this was on my end, I just leave it in there).

Ingredients: Natural Peach Flavor, Organic White Silver Needle Tea, Calendula, Jasmine

Moon River: Right away, this tea was not responding as the others did. About 4 minutes in, it finally started to open but took much longer than other ones to actually completely open. The immediate aroma that flooded my senses is that of jasmine and other floral notes, as well as an underlying sweetness. Immediately I started to take a few sips to really try and grasp what floral notes I could distinguish. As I went further into the tea, I really started noticing the lily shining though quite prominently and really overran any other flavor. There was a natural sweetness that came with the lily notes, and it just made it all too easy to gulp down. I took a moment to examine the integrity of the leaves in the flower. Most of them were whole leaves, and looked to be quite high quality. I decided that instead of using the tea for a second steeping, I will put it in some lukewarm water and put it in the fridge to cold-steep.

Ingredients: Natural Flavor, Organic White Silver Needle Tea, Calendula, Lily Flower, Jasmine

The First Kiss: I don’t think these teas like my glass mug. They just are not blooming as well, in 8 minutes they were not quite ready so I boiled just a tiny bit of water and poured about another 1/4 inch on the top. The aroma of this tea was fairly sweet and berry like. This tea seemed more fragrant than the others, with more of a fruity sweetness surrounding it. On the first sip, I sucked in some floating flower pieces (it made me laugh). The primary flavor was that lovely strawberry note. This might actually be my favorite of all of them, strawberries are my all-time favorite fruit and anything that affiliates with it. The white tea is honestly such a good way of integrating these flavors together, it makes these teas have a great mellow and smooth character, which can be difficult with some fruity flavors. There were hints beyond the strawberry notes, but I think it could potentially be the calendula.

Ingredients: Natural Strawberry Flavor, Organic White Silver Needle Tea, Jasmine, Globeamaranth, Calendula

Sweet Dream: I am not sure about this one. The aroma was a bit off-putting to my personal taste. I asked my family members to smell the aroma and they had no issue with it and thought it smelled nice. I think my issue was that this was a bit too flowery for my senses, bringing back associated scent memories. The taste however, was much nicer. It was a delicately balanced feeling similar to eating an entire flower with just a smooth and even character to it. I am not sure about it though. The aroma goes up my nose each time I take a sip and it almost has a perfume like aroma, which might be why my senses are a little unsure.

Ingredients: Natural Black Currant Flavor, Organic White Silver Needle Tea, Jasmine, Globeamaranth

Price: Their FancySip Organic Flowering Tea currently is on sale for $24.95 (Originally $36.76) for 12 blooming flower teas. This kit has six blends, so you get to try two of each tea. This is about the standard price for blooming teas, so I think it is fair.

Packaging: The teas come in a beautiful pink box with individual holes in which the teas are stored in. I can definitely smell the fruity and floral aromas of these teas when I open the box, but the box definitely helps keep the aromas in. I can not get over how cute the entire look is though, it reminds me of chocolate boxes but instead with tea! I personally love how they show what the tea will look like when bloomed.

Sourcing: This company discloses that they get tea ingredients from small organic tea farms, but I cannot find much information on what region the tea is from.

Since starting to work with these blooming tea companies, I have noticed and appreciated the quality of these small little balls of joy. Normally whole leaf, they really are impressive. What do you think of these flowering teas? Let me know! Happy Brewing!


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