My Secret Project: Advent Calendar 2020

My Secret Project: Advent Calendar 2020

I’ve been hiding a huge project that has been in my head for months upon months and been in the works for two months. As a blogger, I have the opportunity to talk to companies and form relationships each and every month. My goal is to help them as much as bringing my readers well-written posts about new teas. Last year around Christmas, I ran an international secret Santa and participated in an advent calendar exchange. The idea for making my own advent calendar was born.

However, this is no normal advent calendar. It includes brands that I have tried and nurtured relationships with, to bring the tea that I talk about closer to my readers and amazing supporters. Each day, or in some cases, multiple days, are sponsored by these companies, with me sponsoring the last day! My goal of this project is to bring the teas that I have had the privilege of trying into the hands of my amazing readers, go all the way to the bottom to learn more about these advent calendars!

Meet my *AMAZING* Sponsors:

Elevation Tea Company: Jennifer found Elevation Tea Co upon being diagnosed with IBS and getting into tea after traditional medicine and practices were not going. It lead her further on a journey of natural herbs. They promote to bring their consumers pure, natural, and healthy tea without the use of corn syrup or gluten that can often be hidden in artificial flavor. And, that the healing properties in tea will not be covered by unnatural elements.

Little Prayer Tea Co: A family-owned business founded in 2017, Little Prayer Tea Co, is based out of Washington state and was founded on the belief that prayer can bring healing, comfort, and joy. They believe that prayer has similar characteristics to tea, where prayer can bring spiritual healing and tea can bring physical healing. Their tea ranges from blends of all kinds to more authentic teas to themed holiday/seasonal, with each tea pouch/tin holding a small prayer from their family to yours.

Preferred Matcha Tea Co: The founder Jo, lives with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia since 1991. After starting to drink matcha, she noticed her white blood cell count drastically go down and wanted to bring quality matcha and benefits into the lives of others. Her company focuses on quality and the effects that it can have on quality of life and health. From that point, she traveled to Japan to find the best matcha and supplier, and the company was born. 

Paromi Tea: Founder Paul, grew up in the Virgin Islands drinking freshly picked “bush tea” and other herbs. After moving to Arizona for college, he found that he could not find teas to his standards until stumbling upon a teahouse where he learned from a Chinese Tea Master. From then on, he started Paromi and continues to source from the world’s top estates, making them available to everyone.

Catskill Mountain Tea: Ashley is a Catskill and Mid-Hudson Valley area native and works to bring the romance and folklore of Catskill Mountains to her company. Her mission is to share the beauty and experiences of the Catskills to your daily cup, with tea blends that are reminiscent of memories that she has and treasures.

Arteao: A US-based company, Arteao is focused on wellbeing and quality ingredients to put into your body. As part of the 1% for the Planet, they are also an environmentally conscious brand and are trying to help the planet through their shop. They specialize in different kinds of powders from ceremonial matcha and hojicha to other powders like dragonfruit, maqui berry, and butterfly pea flower.

DupisChai: Dupinder is the founder of DupisChai and has the belief that functional superfoods that lead to a stronger mind, body and spirit. After having her own health issues, she started researching and found out that oxidative stress and inflammation, and started looking into ways that she could help her body heal. Her company was born. They have a line of wellness teas designed for health, diet flexibility, quality, taste and convenience.

Fairy Tale Teas: Bringing real fairytales to life with her tea, Marissa is proud to have started Fairy Tale Teas, a female and black-owned business. Just launched in October of 2020, she vows to bring a bit of magic in every cup with the possibility of glitter always around the corner. Her tea shows that the magic of fairytales never has to end, no matter the age.

Fava Tea Company: Now considered to be Wisconsin’s largest loose tea specialty retail store, offering over 350 rare, standards, and unique specialty teas, Fava Tea started in 2007 with a single location and two dedicated people to run it. They were frustrated with the lack of local tea brands, and know that they were able to research and change that.

Dollar Tea Club: Mostly a subscription box company, Dollar Tea Club is mostly known as the tea club that just costs $1. They boast that they never use artificial flavors and source their teas from direct trade, allowing them to know the farmers behind their tea. They want their tea to also be accessible to their consumers in any way, tea club or by the pouch.

Call Me Sweetea: Dani is a Fandom loving, tea drinking extraordinaire, starting her Call Me Sweetea in August of 2019. Her journey actually came to a stop when she had to temporarily shut down earlier this year, but recently came back into production. Her tea blends are mostly Fandom themed or based on the Oregon County Fair (with 15% of those teas going to White Bird Clinic), as well as many other seasonal and fun blends that many cannot find anywhere else.

Senbird Tea: Senbird Tea is a NY-based organic Japanese tea company that brings some of the finest tea from local tea farms across Japan, directly to tea lovers all across the U.S. Each of Senbird’s teas is produced in small batches using traditional growing and harvesting methods, resulting in high-quality tea with robust flavors, aromas, and textures. Each of their farmers is a master of their tea variety, utilizing years of knowledge to produce their tea at its highest quality and freshness.

Coalition Tea: Founded by veteran Michael and his wife Jennifer, Coalition Tea was built upon the standards that health and the environment are an important part of life. Having been deployed to Iran and Afghanistan a few times, he drank tea from different cultures and wanted to implement them into his company. Most of their tea is Certified Elephant friendly, meaning that their tea is sourced from tea plantations that have higher standards for reducing human-elephant conflict.

Teawrks: Female founded, this company delivers the finest organic tea to consumers from estates from China, Japan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and more. They provide a monthly tea subscription box company where consumers can completely personalize their box and curate it to all unique preferences while discovering tea from around the world at their doorstep.

Sunrize Tea Co: Anya founded Sunrize Tea in November of 2018 with a mission to spread happiness with every cup. All teas are created with emphasis on maximum flavor, high level of quality, and most importantly, delicious taste. Hand-blended, Sunrize ensures that your tea will bring you joy and happiness.

Harts of America: Focusing on using locally grown ingredients from the peaks of Yosemite to the farms of Tennessee, Harts of America believes that American crops are exceptional. Their mission is “to focus on ingredients native to our region for a unique blend of America in every cup”. They want to bring variety to the tea industry, having real ingredients, and not artificial flavoring.

Tipson Tea: This company was founded on the belief that consumers deserve healthy and functional tea. They want to inspire people to make healthier food and beverage choices. By having better quality packaging and ingredients, delectable taste profiles, and unique product flavors and blends, they believe that consumers will benefit and love the tea that they put out on the market. They are based out of Sri Lanka and hope to bring wellness to each cup.

KayTeas & Herb Co: Owner and founder Katie, built her company in June of 2019 based on the belief that tea can provide wellbeing and health benefits to its consumers. Their mission is to educate, promote self-care, and encourage herbal healing to all who seek it. True healing should be accessible to everyone and be enjoyed in a cup of tea.

Red Root Shop: Based out of Los Angeles, Red Root Shop sells Red Root Ginger tea which is rich in nutrients and powerful antioxidants with four simple ingredients and amazing health benefits. They want to share health traditions that Asian cultures have used for centuries with their consumers, all in the form of a simple cube.

Himalayan Fine Teas: This Australian Company produces and processes organic tea in the mountainous areas of Nepal at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,100 metres above the sea level. Based on their growing conditions, the result is a tea that is more distinct in flavor, aroma, and appearance. Their tea is based on flushes and is handcrafted with dedication to quality and taste.

Very exciting, right?? Well, at least, I am very excited. Okay, now to the bit more logistical part of this announcement. These advent calendars consist of 25 days of Christmas and tea fun, being 25 individual presents that you can place under a tree and open each day. However, I am only selling 15 of these calendars. Each day is hand-wrapped by me (or a friend or family that I coerced/bribed into helping me) and definitely made with love. I will be selling this on my Etsy Shop, launching on October 30th, for $25 plus shipping. The goal for me is not to make money, the goal of this project is to bring teas into the hands of those who love tea. Upon launching, I will put this on my Sip&Shop that will link to my Etsy shop.

Thank you guys for all of the support you have shown me so far, and for my sponsors, for believing in this project as much as I do. I cannot wait to share this with you guys and more details. Happy Brewing!


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  1. I would love to get in on purchasing your Advent Calender.. I hope its not too late!! How do I order if I still can?

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