Improving my Sleep with Mooji Starflower Tea?

Improving my Sleep with Mooji Starflower Tea?

During the workweek, I am lucky to average about 5-6 hours of sleep per night. A full-time marketing employee, MBA Student, and tea blogger can be quite draining on the spirit, and I find myself struggling to sleep and stay asleep at night. When Mooji Tea reached out to me, I was excited at the prospect of getting a goodnight’s sleep. Starting in July of 2020, this UK tea company specializes in one type of tea: Starflower Tea. With the tagline “Put your anxiety to sleep” and coming off of a very hectic week, I need that more than ever. I tried doing a 7-day trial but ended up splitting up the tea due to my more hectic schedule. Here is how it went:

Starflower Tea: The tea is to be steeped for two minutes, and I was shocked how much this tea reminded me of butterfly pea flower in many of its characteristics. The flowers were a beautiful deep purple/blue and quite full in shape. The aroma was almost a bit spice-like (but not spicy), but reminded me a bit of dried elements and curry notes. When steeping, there was not a very apparent aroma, much like butterfly pea flower (I found a lot of parallels here). The tea steeped a lovely deep purple color with reddish tones. There was an even taste and a creamy, smooth character to the tea which made this tea very easy to drink before bed. There were hints of something else faintly in the tea, but I was unable to really establish what it was. I attempted to see if this tea would do a second steep, which it did not.

I noticed that I still struggled to fall asleep for the three days I tried this tea in a row. However, I did stay asleep. This is a big difference for me, as I have tendencies to wake up a few times throughout the night, interrupting my sleep pattern.

“Echium Amoenum is a rare flower indigenous to the narrow zone of northern Iran, where it is one of the most ancient herbal teas of the east”, according to Mooji’s website. It is said to act as a natural sedative and have anti-oxidant properties. It is one of those ancient herbs that have been used by its surrounding people for centuries to naturally alleviate sleeping issues.

Price: This tea comes in loose leaf and bagged form. For 15 gram tea bags, the price is £5.99 ($7.75 USD) and for 35 gram tea bags, the price is £5.99 ($14.23 USD). For the loose leaf version, there is the option of 20 grams for £8.50 ($11.00 USD) or 40 grams for £14.50 ($18.77 USD).

Packaging: The packaging is quite sturdy and keeps the subtle aroma inside of the bag. There is a little see through plastic window that does let in some light to the tea, but as long as you store this in a darker space, it should be fine.

Sourcing: This tea comes from Northern Iran.

Have you every heard or tried this ancient herbal tea? Let me know in the comments below or what tea you like to drink to help you sleep! Happy Brewing!


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