Trying & Rating Six Different Alcoholic Tea-Based Drinks

Trying & Rating Six Different Alcoholic Tea-Based Drinks

Alcoholic tea really does seem to be innovation at its finest. I will always chose tea over alcohol (except wine, please don’t make me choose), and I am happy that there are some tea-based, pre-made choices out there for us tea lovers. In the below video, I check out six different kinds of tea-based alcohols.

The six drink brands are Twisted Tea Half & Half, Arnold’s Spiked Iced Tea, John Daly’s Hard Tea, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Hard Tea, Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea, and Mill St Brewery Lemon Tea Beer. Which one is the winner? Watch the video to find out!

I hope you enjoyed this little segment. Have you had any pre-made tea drinks (alocholic) that you think I should try? (I would love to do a part 2!) Let me know! Happy Brewing!


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