Getting Ready for Bed with Tea-Infused Lotion

Getting Ready for Bed with Tea-Infused Lotion

I was instilled from a younger age to use lotion on my skin to protect from wrinkles and other aging effects, but I have to be quite careful because my skin is super sensitive. Tea Lotion reached out to me and asked me to try and give back feedback on their lotion. I ended up letting them know that this was a product that I would love to share with others! They sent me their Green Tea + Yerba Mate Eye Care Lotion, Green Tea + Guayusa Face Care Lotion, and Green Tea + Rooibos Body Care Lotion. Here are my thoughts:

I liked these for multiple reasons. As one who suffers from autoimmune diseases, one symptom is dry skin and their body lotion helped quite a bit (which surprised me). My skin can get quite flaky if I even miss one day of nighttime lotion, so the combination of the face and eye care was immensely helpful. The minimal scent and no overwhelming fragrance was probably my favorite, as it did not irritate my skin. I felt like a few of my family members who are more sensitive to scents would actually be able to use these.

Each of the lotions is infused with organic dragonwell green Tea. I personally used the normal face lotion over everything, and my mom actually liked the eye cream quite a bit. The body lotion was lovely when I remembered to put it on, but I am quite forgetful and forgot often to put it on.

•Natural, tea-like scent without fragrances
•Makes the skin feel super soft and hydrated
•It can be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin
•No Parabens or Silicons in the ingredients
•Transparency of Ingredients

•The way of distributing lotion can be a bit hard to keep clean
•My skin can be a bit oily so I have to limit the amount of lotion that I use in the morning, but at night I use it similarly to the reel
•It can feel slightly slick on the skin upon first application but it does absorb

Price: The face lotion is $29.95, body lotion is $24.95, and the eye cream is $26. This can seem a bit on the pricier end, but considering the clean ingredients and air-tight packaging, I think it does make it a worthy investment. It is a bit on the high end though.

Packaging: The lotions are stored in a airless packaging. They explain this extremely well on their website. Due to the high level of antioxidants in their tea lotion, the container needs to be airless to prevent the breaking down of those antioxidants. These containers prevent product waste and are fairly sleek looking.

Sourcing: Yes, they provide the sourcing information for the tea used in their products which I find super impressive. Their rooibos is from the mountains in Africa. The organic dragonwell green tea is sourced from the West Lake Region in China. The Guayusa is from Ecuador and the Yerba Mate is from Argentina.

What do you guys think? Would you try tea-infused lotions for everyday use? Let me know your thoughts! Happy Brewing!


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