Cat & Mouse Tea | Tea Review

Cat & Mouse Tea | Tea Review

Cat & Mouse Tea Company is a Canadian Tea Company founded by student Cyeira. Through her passion of herbs and plants, she decided that Cat & Mouse Tea was the perfect outlet. She hopes that her tea will inspire people to be closer to nature and connect more with the earth through it’s powerful, raw properties. They reached out to me and sent me three of their teas (Bloom, Assam Breakfast, and Cocoa Mint) and three crystals. I am still working on how these crystals are supposed to be utilized and meaning in my life, but here are my thoughts on their tea:

Bloom: I don’t know what words I could string together that would fully explain how much I love this tea. Through the few times that I have consumed it, I noticed how much it changes and just is so dynamic. The aroma is very heavy on the lavender side, but as I stuck my nose in deeper, I could get little sweeter, fruity notes. I really just had a repeated phrase in my head of “oh yes please, this is lovely”. The lemon peel became a bit prevalent in this steeping, but later times that I made this tea separately, I did not notice it as much. Due to it being loose-leaf, there were steepings that I noticed more lemon peel, some more lavender, and some more of a fruity taste. This actually became a bit of a go-to before bed. It was not super complex in flavor (meaning while the flavors can be dynamic and change a bit, the primary flavor stuck throughout each cup), and I could drink it and then focus on sleeping.

Ingredients: Honey bush, rose hips, lemon peel, lavender.

Assam Breakfast: This tea was very much a pick your caffeine level tea (in my head). I noticed that I varied in making strong and weaker cups, and the caffeine level that I felt after, of course, reflected that change. The aroma was quite floral and lovely, being a bit lighter than I expected. Of course, with my stronger cups, the floral was fairly strong with a malty tannin base. It honestly just tasted so fresh. The color of the brewed tea was a red brown with some slightly yellow edges. In regards to taste, the first thought that comes to mind is floral malt. This one is lighter-bodied, with some drying in the middle of my mouth at the end of each sip. The taste lingers a bit in my mouth with a mostly mellow feel with a little zing that awakens the senses. It is quite pleasant to drink, especially with my family on our Saturday breakfast meetings. There is also a bit of malty sourness to this tea, which was more apparent if I made a stronger brew. I liked to take this tea with me in my new little ceramic to-go cup, making a little bit of normalcy with this tea.

Ingredients: Assam TGFOP

Teaware Pictured: Bug & Flower Tea Cup & Saucer

Cocoa Mint: This tea made my mouth feel quite fresh, while subtly helping my *shamefully bad* sweet tooth. There was not a lot of complexity to this tea, with more of a what you see is what you get feeling to it. The aroma was slightly sweet from the cocoa nibs and had a fresh feeling that ignited my senses. I found that I enjoyed this tea most after dinner, almost like an after-dinner mint in the form of tea. I noticed more of a peppermint coolness at the front of the taste with a slight cocoa sweetness at the back. It was well balanced between the cocoa nibs and the peppermint. The entire tea was light-bodied and very easy to drink.

Ingredients: Cocoa Nibs, Peppermint

Price: The price of the Assam Breakfast is $4.00 CAD ($3.00 USD) for the sample size or $16.00 CAD ($12.01 USD) for 130 grams. For Bloom and Cocoa Mint, the price is $4.50 CAD ($3.46 USD) for a 30g sample size and $18 CAD ($13.82 USD) for 130 grams.

Packaging: Each of the tea pouches seemed to be vacuum sealed for freshness, which was evident by the taste of the tea. They were standard pouches and I did not notice any tea aromas coming from the bag.

Sourcing: Based on the tea name, I am almost certain that the Assam Breakfast is sourced from India. As for any other ingredients, I am not sure of the origin.

What are your thoughts on tea and crystals? I am honestly not as informed on the properties of crystals and would love to have a conversation around them! Happy Brewing!


2 thoughts on “Cat & Mouse Tea | Tea Review

  1. Oooh, the Breakfast Assam sounds like the perfect tea to wake up with. Especially now that cold weather is sinking in. Also, the branding of this tea is so cute, and I love that they included crystals. Reading about crystal properties is interesting, but whether or not they actually *do* anything I can’t really say.

    1. I bought a ceramic mug recently, and putting the Assam Breakfast in it in the morning is just a cozy feeling. I was also entranced by their branding, but having cat in the name won me over!

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