Fall Friday: Spiced Apple Chai

Fall Friday: Spiced Apple Chai

Teas can be associative with memories. A whiff of shu pu’erh tends to transport me to Tuckaleechee Caverns in Tennessee. Assam Golden Tips brings me into the arms of a loved one. And this Spiced Apple Chai, brings me to my hometown, sipping on apple cider with my family. Being surrounded by apple orchards, I have the highest standard of apple cider there is, and it astounds me that this tea can bring me to that memory.

This tea comes from the brand Camellios, a newly launched UK tea company. They believe in providing quality, premium tea to their consumers and forming relationships with the tea farms and independent growers that they partner with. Their tea is blended and packaged in the UK.

Apple Spice Chai

The thing that kept drawing me back and back to this tea, was the aroma. When the inner bag was opened, the heavenly scent of apples cinnamon sweetness just erupted. It reminded me exactly of apple cider (which is one of my favorite hot beverages besides tea). As the tea steeped, I did notice the aroma become more subdued and some darker tannin notes step in a bit. I almost burned myself trying to get a taste, and made myself wait a bit more to fully experience the tea. Finally getting a sip, I noticed first that the tea had upfront black tea/tannin-rich notes with hints of spices and sweetness. I could describe it more as a top taste of tannins and almost a cinnamon note making its way through on the back side. I did notice a slight drying element when drinking as well. This tea was more of a medium-bodied brew and I immensely enjoyed every second of it. I will say that this tea does well with trial and error in brewing times. I found that 3 minutes could be a bit too long for my preferences and about 2 minutes 30 seconds is perfect.

Ingredients: Black Tea (66%) (Sri Lankan Black Tea, Indian Assam Black Tea), Spices (31%) (Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves), Freeze-dried Apple (3%)

Price: Small note – I absolutely love when companies put their tea in the currency the customer is shopping on. It avoids the step of figuring out how much it actually costs to you, and makes the buyers journey so much easier (alright, marketing talk is coming out). This tea is $8.00 USD for 15 tea pyramids. I think that is on trend with what I have seen in the tea market with other companies and is a fair price.

Packaging: All elements of their packaging are recyclable and 100% plastic-free. Their teabags are made out of PLA (polylactic acid derived from cornstarch) and is biodegradable. Their inner plastic lining which holds the tea bags is made out of cellulose and is home-compostable. Their outer carton is made out of recycled materials and can be recycled. I cannot smell any of the strong aroma coming out of the tea carton either, so I trust the tea will stay fresh.

Sourcing: The sourcing information is provided on the ingredient list, with this tea having black tea sourced from Sri Lanka and India.

What do you think? I have only really had apple cinnamon-like teas that are herbal, so I was very happy with this black-tea-based one turned out. Happy Brewing!


2 thoughts on “Fall Friday: Spiced Apple Chai

  1. This sounds lovely! I had an apple chai that was rooibos based, recently. And like Camellios Spiced Apple Chai did for you, the apple chai I had also transported me to apple orchards! I love that tea has that power.

    1. Absolutely! I have no idea if it is because I grew up going to apple orchards and I just want that experience, or it is just that good!

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