Discovering the Beauty that is Ginseng Oolong

Discovering the Beauty that is Ginseng Oolong

Western Immortal Tea works to empower people about the knowledge, history, tradition, and wisdom of tea. Their mission statement is: “To provide the best quality tea that comes from ethical, generational farms that will serve to inspire the modern individual to master any challenge that comes their way.” Western Immortal seeks to bring harmony and the benefits that tea has to a face paced society. They reached out to me to try one of their teas, and I asked to try their Ginseng Oolong. Having never had that kind of tea before, I was so excited to try and share my experience with you guys. Here are my thoughts:

Ginseng Oolong: They look like little pebbles which made me question everything before I even began brewing. As I poured the water, a most intoxicating aroma came out. It had hints of a ti guan yin oolong but with some sweetness and almost starchy aroma. As soon as the temperature of the tea cooled, I took a sip. The ginseng pairs perfectly with the oolong. That almost vegetal and mineraly element of the oolong is more of an undertone with this ginseng, almost licorice-like sweetness in the front of the tea. It is incredibly smooth. With each infusion, the ginseng slowly goes away and the oolong starts coming more to the front bringing a few roasted vegetal notes with a nip of sweetness at the end of each sip. All I could think about was: Wow, what a fabulous tea. I had not tried ginseng oolong before so I made sure to try this on my lunch break so I could dedicate my first impressions to it. I would 100% buy this tea again. It is just so unique to my taste buds. 

Source: Fujian Province, China

This double-walled glass cup is from the Kitchen Kite Tea Set

Price: The pricing starts at $10 for 2 ounces of tea, and goes up to 4 ounces for $20, 8 for $40, and 16 for $72. I definitely think it is a average per ounce price but the quality definitely makes it worth the price.

Packaging: The tea comes in a standard tea pouch. There is a slight window in the front of the tea bag, but I just made sure to keep this tea in a dark place to keep the tea safe from the light. The pouch also does a good job at keeping in the aroma.

Sourcing: They are very transparent about the sourcing of the ginseng oolong. On their website, they actually go more into detail about the origin of ginseng oolong and its traditional uses which I found fascinating.

What are your thoughts on ginseng? I once gave my sister a ginseng tea, and she (and her husband) thought it tasted like potatoes. A fact that I found hilarious, but to each their own I guess. Happy Brewing!


2 thoughts on “Discovering the Beauty that is Ginseng Oolong

  1. I’m pretty sure the only ginseng tea I’ve had was that tall can of 99-cent Arizona iced tea! This oolong sounds lovely though. (Also, that header picture is a dream! It makes me think of a snowglobe).

    1. Thank you!! I don’t know if I have tried the ginseng oolong from Arizona honestly haha its been so long since I have had one.

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