NaturG | Tropical Passion

NaturG | Tropical Passion

NaturG is a Canadian tea and candle company that has a passion towards self care and ensuring that all ingredients are natural and have no harmful substances in them. Taking time for yourself, helps improve your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. They reached out to me and asked me to review their Tropical Passion tea. Here are my thoughts:

Tropical Passion: Immediately the aroma reminded me of….grapes? I might be crazy, but there was this sweet, almost grape-like aroma with hints of that hibiscus sweetness. The tea brewed a lovely reddish tone with orange sides to it. I would consider this tea a bit more of a light to medium-bodied tea, and I immediately thought of how wonderful this tea could be when iced. Upon sipping the tea, there were fruity tones with the hibiscus but it was very nicely balanced, meaning that the hibiscus stayed a nice even tone with no overbearing tartness. The black tea was not as evident in the tea, definitely taking a back seat. I wished it has come out a bit more to fully balance the entire tea. I am never quite sure what exactly passion fruit tastes like, but I could mostly taste the hibiscus with a little hint of something else in there.

Ingredients: Passion Fruit, Black Tea, Hibiscus

Price: For 25 tea sachets, the price is $18.99 CAD ($14.62 USD).

Packaging: Their tea bags come in agree tea pouch. I did not notice any aroma leaking through and the plastic zip part made the entire bag fairly air tight.

Sourcing: I do not see any sourcing information available on their website. On their website, they say that they want to retain the upmost transparency on their ingredients, so I definitely think this sourcing information should be added.

When looking for a fruity black tea, what do you prefer: Strong black tea front or strong fruity front? I definitely have times that I go back and forth, but I do love a strong malty black tea with hints of fruit. Happy Brewing!


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