Jolly Feelings with St. Nick’s Tea

Jolly Feelings with St. Nick’s Tea

Four days into December and I feel like the month is already going by so quickly! I am not ready for this holiday season to end, but I am ready for the year to end. Today’s tea is from Simpson & Vail Tea and is one of their holiday teas. In honor of the season, here are my thoughts on St. Nick’s Tea.

St. Nick’s Tea: These kind of teas are ones that I normally only crave during the Winter time and especially during the holidays. There is something dessert like about it that just makes me think of Christmas cookies, Hallmark movies, and everything holiday related. It had a wonderful aroma that was incredibly smooth and nutty, but almost with a maple like sweetness to it. At first, I had thought maybe caramel or vanilla, but maple was definitely more defined. Just the aroma gives me amazing cozy vibes that I just want to settle by the window, holding a mug, and watch the snow fall. The character of the tea was medium-bodied with a very smooth and even taste. I loved it. It tastes slightly chocolatey with a bit of a creamy-almondy taste. I was so excited that I made a second steeping of my pot. (Yes, I drank two pots of this tea and was quite caffienated) The character did not change that much and it was still very creamy with bits of cocoa and nuttiness.

Ingredients: Black teas, almonds, organic cacao nibs, vanilla beans, flavoring and orange blossoms

Price: For 2 ounces of tea, it is $2.75, $6.40 for 4 ounces, $12.10 for 8 ounces, and $24.20 for 1 pound of loose leaf tea. I am considering getting a refill on this tea, I really enjoyed (all 2+ pots of this tea).

Packaging: Sometimes with teas that have strong aromas, it is very easy to notice if there are any aromas leaking out of the pouch. For this tea, I did not really notice it too much. And again, the packaging is beautiful!

Sourcing: I do not see any sourcing information!

Do you like almonds in your tea? Seemingly weird as an ingredient in tea, it is a staple in many blends that are based around the holidays. They just bring a mellow and smooth tone to teas and I love the way they bring character to the teas. Happy Brewing!


One thought on “Jolly Feelings with St. Nick’s Tea

  1. This blend sounds lovely!

    I don’t think I’ve had many blends that have almond pieces in them. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to detect their flavor even if I did.

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