Petal to the Metal | Ruby Lion

Petal to the Metal | Ruby Lion

Ruby Lion Tea specializes in tea with a tale worth telling, in a way. Their teas seek to challenge normal tea consumption and replace it with high-quality tea with electric ingredients. They seek to change consumer’s perspective that things cannot be done or have to be done a certain way. They sent me their Petal to the Metal tea, here are my thoughts:

Petal to the Metal: It seems quite rare that a blend shows off all three of the ingredients, but it seemed as if I could in this tea. The dry leaves had a hefty front of the rose, and the brewed tea seemed to follow the same, with the difference being a little bit of a black tea tannin front along with the rose. As I took a sip, I immediately noticed a very delicate balance between the two main notes. I can taste the floral intricacies of rose with a slight bit of cardamom maybe almost a little “zestiness” in the background. There is a slight drying factor on my tongue when sipping. Adding the rose to this tea made it seem much lighter than it really was being a black base tea. It was a nice and relaxing blend that slightly energized, which I appreciated. Even though I could taste the black tea quite a bit, I was not really able to catch any small notes from it. (On a side note, do NOT eat a banana while drinking this tea. It completely muted any tasting notes).

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cardamom, Rose

Price: For 50 grams or 1.75 ounce of loose leaf tea, the price is $15. I do think this is slightly higher on the spectrum of tea prices to amount based on what I see on average.

Packaging: Packaging of tea was a tin, which I absolutely love. I still think it is the best way to store tea and is such a environmentally friendly way to present your tea. I love using tea tins for planting herbs, using for candles, or storage. If they wanted to up their packaging, I would recommend also a plastic wrap in the tea to help keep the tea fresh until it reaches the consumer.

Sourcing: They like to show their appreciation to the farmers who provided the tea. I absolutely applaud the transparency they provide to their consumers. They provide the following for Petal to the Metal:

  • Grower: The Lochan Family of Doke Tea
  • Teamaker: Neha “Dolly” Lochan
  • Location: Doke River in Pothia Village – Kishanganj, Bihar District, India
  • Elevation: 50m (164ft)

What do you think of the combination of black tea and rose? I personally love it and prefer it over herbal blends with rose as it cuts through the more heavy black tea notes. Let me know! Happy Brewing!


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