Hello, 2021! My New Year Tea Resolutions!

Hello, 2021! My New Year Tea Resolutions!

I cannot believe it is already 2021; it feels like this year both took way too long and blinked by. Regardless, throughout the last year, I reflected on where I want this blog and my tea journey to go. It is finally time to write them down and hold myself accountable for where I want to be. But to try and keep my goals attainable, I am focusing on four main resolutions:

1). Discover More About Tea Origins

When drinking teas, I want to research more about the area that these teas come from and more history behind the tea. I find myself knowing limited information and not really taking the initiative to learn about the areas where my favorite (or any) teas come from, mostly due to my busy schedule. But, I want to make this a priority. I took a course near the end of the year which helped me gain some insight into different tea cultures, and it got me thinking of how much I could help my tea journey along by integrating this knowledge into my normal tea practice.

2). Take More Time for Tea Session

Between being sent and purchasing teas, I have a massive tea collection (which we are going to talk about soon). I found myself looking through it the other day, and realized that I own a lot of traditional teas that I would love to explore again with my gaiwan and just take more time for myself with individual tea sessions. Ever since purchasing my tea tray and getting another gaiwan, I have found such peace when having tea sessions. It helps me better connect to the tea and not always be focused on reviewing teas or sipping down.

3). Sip Down on My Stash

I have a problem. And unfortunately, no matter how many teas I finish in a month, I never see a dent in my tea stash. While I have been seriously sipping down since September, I want to continue into 2021 (espeically before some of these teas go bad or lose their freshness).

4). Integrate My Singing & Tea More

Starting in December of 2020, I posted my first post with singing in the background. It was terrifying, but well worth it. The support I received helped me get over the small fear I had of showing my singing on the internet (I really am my worst critic). With that said, I want to find more ways of combining my two main passions: Singing & Tea. I have below my latest singing video, which is a little tea community project that I did with Elaine from @sewwie.tea on Instagram.

Do you have any tea related resolutions this year? What are they if you have them? Happy Brewing!


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