Diving into Aera Tea | Boho Cocoa

Diving into Aera Tea | Boho Cocoa

Aera Tea is a tea company founded by Joe, a passionate tea lover who want to bring tea to the world that is beautifully crafted, naturally cultivated, and responsibly made. The origin of the company was born in Yunnan, China, where Joe studied tea cultivation and the centuries-old art of making tea. After a tea session, I was sent a variety of their teas that I have enjoyed for the past few months. Today, I am looking at Boho Cocoa.

Boho Cocoa:

Upon awakening this tea (that sounds odd), my nose picked up on some crisped tannin notes with slight notes of sourness. Black tea has an amazing effect on my body, waking up my senses and mind. As I poured water into my gaiwan, the resulting aroma was deep and rich with slight sweet-sour notes. After really sticking my nose in the lid, I did pick up on some nice chocolate notes as well. This one was a bit harder for me to determine all of the complex notes, but as a tea from Nepal, it stayed consistent with my expectations. The color of the brewed tea was brown with reddish tones to it.

The tea was very smooth with no astringency for the entire tea session, it settled quite well on my tongue. A feeling that stayed consistent with this tea is that it completely warmed my senses. Robust and rich. I started noticing a few cocoa notes in the second steep but they reappeared and disappeared through some different steepings. As my sessions progressed I noticed a nice malty aroma and some notes that correlated as well. As I expected with a Nepalese tea, there is a smooth character to them and it was so easy for me to drink the tea. But I am very biased towards black teas from Nepal.

Price: This tea is priced at $3.50 for a 14-gram sample, $10.50 for 50 grams, and $13.95 for 100 grams. As always, I love when tea companies offer samples so you can try the different teas before purchasing bigger quantities.

Packaging: Considering that I kept this tea around for quite a few months, trying it at its peak freshness, and a few times intermittently since, I am very happy at the packaging. I kept it in a dark place, but the initial packaging is very good at keeping in the aromas and freshness.

Sourcing: This tea is from Ilam, Nepal. It as plucked in the summer, June 2019 (second flush), at an elevation of 1,800 to 2,300 meters.

Do you enjoy tea from Nepal? I have said it time and time again that they just has a different feeling and place in my heart, and I long for the day that I can research and explore the tea farms there myself. Happy Brewing!


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