Earl Grey Bergamot Peel | Tea O Tea

Earl Grey Bergamot Peel | Tea O Tea

Tea O Tea is a tea company based in Ontario, Canada. They sell an assortment of teas ranging from pure tea to blends to herbal tisanes. Tea O Tea works directly with tea farms in Darjeeling, Assam, and Nepal, while having all of their tea ships directly from Darjeeling to ensure freshness. They sent me an assortment of their tea, but today I am focusing on my favorite: Earl Grey Bergamot Peel.

Earl Grey Bergamot Peel:

This might be one of my absolute favorite earl grey teas, due to the amount of wonderful citrus. As I opened the bag, I instantly was met with the incredible aroma of citrusy bergamot. It was quite potent and incredibly strong, which made me quite excited. This is definitely one for the bergamot heavy tea people. As I brewed the tea (and inhaled the aroma with my entire being), I noticed the bergamot with hints of slight sourness and even deeper hints of tannin/black tea. The biggest part of this being a success for me is the balance of the black tea and citrus. I prefer earl greys that I can still taste the black tea and the bergamot does not overwhelm the tea. This tea had a great balance between the two. As expected, the taste had strong bergamot notes, citrusy and sweet. Very smooth, and it had no trace of bitterness or drying. There was an additional depth to the tea that the black tea brought, in the form of malty notes and overall mouthfeel.

My mom made sure to let me know, that she wanted to know how this tea resteeped. So, this section is completely dedicated to her. The resteep had a slightly lighter color, being more of a light orange amber instead of the deep red-orange tones the original tea steeping had. The aroma still had a few citrus notes but seemed less pronounced. And the taste was also weaker but still fairly good. I expected the tea to maybe have more of a black tea taste, but the entire brew just did not have a strong taste or feeling anymore. This is my experience with many earl greys, however.

Ingredients: Loose Leaf Black Tea, Bergamot Peels 
Origin: Assam, India

Price: This tea comes in a 200 gram bag for $15.69 CAD ($12.19 USD). For the amount of tea that you get, I think this is a really good price, especially also for how much I personally liked this tea.

Packaging: The packaging was fairly standard, in a large black tea pouch. I did notice that once I opened the package, the tea aroma did leak out a bit. It was not as potent as when the tea package is open, but I think I might look at putting this tea in a different container.

Sourcing: This tea company does disclose the tea sourcing, Assam, India. Tea O Tea works directly with tea farms in Darjeeling, Assam, and Nepal, while having all of their tea ship directly from Darjeeling to ensure freshness.

Do you prefer a strong or weaker bergamot taste in your earl grey? I personally really love a strong bergamot taste, as that is what makes earl grey, earl grey! It just feels right! Let me know in the comments. Happy Brewing!


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