Good Vibes with Cyrstal Energy Tea Sets

Good Vibes with Cyrstal Energy Tea Sets

Chai Diaries was founded in 2013 by Ami Bhansali, inspired by three years of tea heritage. They focus on high-quality traditional teas that have exciting aromas, pleasant tastes, and smooth flavors. Ami believes that tea is the bridge between friends and allows them to reconnect, while also reconnecting with yourself. They sent me their Good VIbes Crystal Energy Tea Set to try out and review. In the set, there was a tin of Blood Orange Tea and a green fluorite tumble. Here are my thoughts:

Blood Orange

I loved that this tea was caffeine-free and allowed me to take some time to myself before bed or after work when I normally stop caffeine intake. The dry aroma was a bit off to me, but it came together quite well when I brewed it. Almost a bit like strawberries and cream, but with a citrus snap to it. There was also a slight vanilla-like aroma that also captivates the senses. The color of the brewed tea is bright reddish-pink. At first, I had a hard time coming with a strong enough brew, and then I realized that I had only steeped the tea for my normal 3 minutes instead of the recommended 5-7. I made sure to make it properly and then sat back down to complete my tea tasting. The taste was quite berry-like, with some sharper hibiscus notes peeping in and out. The citrus paired really well with the hibiscus element and there were some creamy notes that came in as well. The taste on my tongue that lingered was lemony. I did have the crystal in my hand and I tried to meditate a bit, but I am not very good at it. So I keep it at my desk while working to at least remind myself to have good vibes throughout the day.

As soon as I had tasted this tea, I knew it would be great cold-brewed. In fact, as soon as I did it, I think I prefer it cold over hot. It seemed to draw out the creaminess of the tea and complement perfectly with the berry-citrus elements. There was no form of sourness from the fruits or harsh hibiscus notes, which I was very glad. The vanilla note that is evident in the aroma also showed up in the taste of the tea as well.

Ingredients: Orange peel, hibiscus, rosehips, apple pieces, safflowers, rose petals, natural flavors

Price: The crystal tea energy set is currently $24.99. Looking at the price and what you get for that price, I do think this is a bit on the high side. The tea normally goes for $9.99, so that puts the crystal at $14.99 which seems quite wild (however, I do not really know the worth of crystals so I could be totally off, this is just my impression).

Packaging: The tea bags came in a nice tin that kept the tea in an airtight container. The crystal came in a branded drawstring bag that added a nice extra touch to it. Nothing more to state there.

Sourcing: On their website, it states that the ingredients are sourced from the US.

Do you have crystals? If so, how do you normally utilize them? Let me know in the comments! Happy Brewing!


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