Rise & Shine with BCB Tea LLC

Rise & Shine with BCB Tea LLC

BCB Tea LLC (stands for balance created boldly) is a Chicago-based tea company that focuses on herbal blends to help balance and boldly inspire. Founder Bianca, started BCB Tea because she wanted to create blends that brought her the same happy, cozy, and rejuvenated feeling that she gets when she drinks tea, and to help people achieve balance. She sent me her Rise & Shine Tea blend, here are my thoughts:

Rise & Shine Tea

I have a mental checklist that I go through when reviewing a tea, especially herbals. I look at the taste, feelings, and overall balance of the blend. The aroma of this tea was very herbal and not quite medicinal, but quite reminiscent of herbal supplements. I think it was the fennel aspect that my senses zeroed in on. The color of the brewed tea was a golden yellow. I will admit, on taste alone, this was a difficult blend for me to really dive into and enjoy, but it is not always the taste that leaves you coming back. The taste was very herby and blended together very well. However, it became homogenous in taste, making each ingredient hard to distinguish. There were some faint remnants I could distinguish of the ashwagandha and fennel.

This tea did give me a lot of feels. First, mouthfeel was quite interesting and could be very overlooked (I did the first few times). With each sip, I felt a slightly sweet element. It was odd, the tea was not sweet but there was a sweet almost feeling in each sip. (Although as the tea cooled down, that sweet feeling became stronger). Then as the tea settles in the mouth, a different experience occurs my mouth almost has a very subtle tingle and almost cooling feeling to it. That was the immediate effect of the tea, but I did also notice a lingering effect as well. I have had many highs and lows of not feeling good in the past few weeks. I asked Bianca why she chose the ingredients that she did for this particular blend and she responded that the ingredients are stated to have properties of anti-inflammatories, aiding in digestion and support brain function. I needed all of that this week in particular, so I made a cup just about every other night for a week. Even if it did not totally take away ickiness, it did make me feel clearer and lighter (in my head and stomach). I compare it to the feeling of dairy-ingesting-me and non-dairy-ingesting-me. And it was not just one time, it was each time. Now, I am not sure if this was a me-thing, placebo effect, or just overall feeling good from the tea.

Ingredients: dandelion root, ashwagandha, rhodiola, eleuthero, holy basil, bilberry, hawthorn berry, schizadra, burdock root, fennel, raspberry leaf, wood betony, don quai, cayenne, alfafa.

Price: This blend is $7 for a sample and $18 for 4 ounces of tea (approx. 60 servings). I think that on the spectrum of pricing, that is a bit on the higher side.

Packaging: The packaging of this tea was beautiful. I was impressed that the aroma was kept well in the container, as soon as I took off the cap, the aroma just hit me strongly in the face. So, the packaging passes the test.

Sourcing: No sourcing information available but I do not expect that with herbal blends. The ingredients are 100% organic and stated to be non-GMO.

What do you look for in herbal blends? Let me know in the comments what ingredients you look for and why you enjoy them! Happy Brewing!


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