What is Mamaki? | Hawaii’s (Not-So-Secret) Tea

What is Mamaki? | Hawaii’s (Not-So-Secret) Tea

Oribe Tea is a US tea company based in Hawaii specializing in Mamaki tea. They strive to have their tea as ingrained in Hawaiian culture as possible, prioritizing local sourcing of ingredients from Hawaii. Their teas are majorly based around the native ingredient, Mamaki. They sent me two of their blends: Hibiscus Mint with Mamaki and Loose Leaf Mamaki. Here are my thoughts:

What Is Mamaki?

Mamaki is a plant grown only in Hawaii, endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. It is actually closely related to the nettle family. The Mamaki plant has a deep history with the native Hawaiian people. The fruit of this plant was often used as a way to wean small children off of breastfeeding because the fruit is so mild and soft. The leaves were also commonly added to soups and eaten as softened leaves. Besides eating, this plant can also make a tea that is similar to an oolong taste.

Some claimed benefits of consuming Mamaki are that it is full of antioxidants, said to reduce blood pressure, and is caffeine-free, providing options for those who may have caffeine sensitivities. Drinking this tea promotes Hawaiian culture and helps the local economy, providing a fun option to add to tea blends. (More in-depth information can be found on Oribe’s website as I mostly just summed it up).

How Does It Taste?

Hibiscus Mint w/ Mamaki: The color of this tea surprised me the most. Within the first hour, the color of this tea already turned a bright, pink lemonade-like color. I chose to make it without a sweetener and really just be able to taste the ingredients on their own. The hibiscus mostly contributes to the vivid coloring, but there is a slight sweetness evident with the spearmint. The mint tones down the slight sweetness of the hibiscus and make a nice tang which pairs well with the coolness of the mint. The yerba mate is slightly apparent in the taste but stays very bright and refreshing on the palate. After tasting the Mamaki on its own, I could not really taste it too much in this cold-brew.

Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus, Organic Spearmint, Organic Yerba Mate, Organic Mamaki

Mamaki: Color brewed a nice golden yellow. The aroma when brewing is a pretty creamy feeling, reminded me a tiny bit of a milky oolong. Extremely mild aroma, it smells really lovely. The taste is also very creamy and akin to the aroma, I honestly was not expecting to like it as much as I did. You know the aroma when you are frothing soy milk with a little bit of honey? Yeah, I think that was the exact aroma that I was picking up on of the brewed aroma, soy milk! (It makes me so happy to be able to actually identify an aroma I was struggling with). Even the taste is slightly reminiscent of soy milk, but it just has a very lovely creamy texture.

Ingredients: Organic Mamaki Leaf

Other Logistics of This Tea

Price: The Hibiscus Mint with Mamaki Cold-Brew Tea is $12.99 for 5 large tea bags. For Loose Leaf Mamaki, the price is $10.99 for 1 ounce of tea leaves.

Packaging: Oribe Tea has 100% biodegradable packaging. I mostly love the colors of the packaging, it just is so representative to the beautiful colors of the brewed tea.

Sourcing: This tea is 100% organic from Hawaii.

Have you every tried Mamaki? If so, what is your experience with it? Do you want to try it? Let me know below! Happy Brewing!


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