Pleasure Chai | Discovering Little Moments

Pleasure Chai | Discovering Little Moments

A Talk with Tea is a Michigan-based tea company (very exciting to work with a local Michigan business!). After consistently working their “9-to-5” job, the founder felt unfulfilled and like there was more to do with their time and life. Originally from India, chai was a staple in the house growing up, and they realized that they already had the skills and experience to share their love for chai with others. They wanted to build up a drink that helps people relax and unwind after a long day – thus Pleasure Chai was born. A Talk with Tea reached out to me, and sent me their Pleasure Chai to try out and share. Here are my thoughts:

Pleasure Chai

Chai has become deeply personal to me. Since my deep dive into chai, I have become obsessed with finding what I like in regards to chai, and how to make it perfect every time. When I was approached by A Talk With Tea to try their Pleasure Chai blend, I was very excited to test out my new chai making skills with their blend. I grabbed my small white pot and my lactose free milk, and just experimented around with different timings, variations of milk, and different sugars to find the best way for me to drink Pleasure Chai.

Per the instructions on the tea, I first started out with timing the chai in the boiling water for two minutes. I personally found this a little too milky for me at the end and worked on playing with the timing of the tea to create a really lovely, more malty drink. I found that 4-5 minutes of steeping the tea created more of the taste that I prefer in chai, and really allowed the fennel and cardamom to come out in the taste. Added a small amount of sugar, and this chai was the perfect start to the day (and I do not stay that statement lightly). By brewing mine for a slightly longer time, even through the milk and sugar, I was able to taste the spices and how they interact with the black tea. It was stronger and just brought peace to my body. The aroma is fairly similar to a milky black tea, so I was surprised by how much the spices shone through. Each time I brew the tea, I am excited by the aroma of the black tea tannins and cardamom coming to life in the pot. I really enjoy the chai, and I like that the tea comes in tea sachets (which helps me not overload the pot with tea leaves).

Ingredients: Blend of Assam and Darjeeling Black Tea, Organic Fennel, Organic Cardamom

Price: For 15 tea sachets, the price is $15 which is $1 per teabag. I do not think this is too unfair, but I do note that it is on the higher side for the number of tea sachets.

Packaging: The tea pouch is wonderfully branded and colorful. Looking at the quality of the tea pouch, I did notice a few notes of the aroma slip through the top by the zipper. This is fairly common, and it was not extremely potent. I do not see any instructions on how to dispose of the tea pouch either, so I am not sure if it is biodegradable or recyclable.

Sourcing: Since the tea is Assam and Darjeeling, I am safely assume that the tea is from India, but there is no information on the packaging or website that verifies that.

How often do you drink Chai? Is there a specific combination or blend that you enjoy most? Let me know in the comments! Happy Brewing!


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  1. In my house chai is made twice in a day. Okie, sometimes thrice.🤪 And for that reason I have replaced sugar with organic jaggery long ago. Though I like the sugar one more with all the spices in it but jaggery is definitely a healthier option.

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