Trying Spring Collection Teas | KayTeas & Herb Co

Trying Spring Collection Teas | KayTeas & Herb Co

Spring is still in full swing with summer fast approaching. That is why I was very excited to be experimenting around with these spring tea blends! Owner and founder Katie, built her company Kayteas & Herb Co in June of 2019 based on the belief that tea can provide wellbeing and health benefits to its consumers. Their mission is to educate, promote self-care, and encourage herbal healing to all who seek it. True healing should be accessible to everyone and be enjoyed in a cup of tea. She sent me her Spring Collection Pack which included Chamo-Rose, Flower Power, and Green Apple Ginger. Here are my thoughts:

Chamo Rose: This blend is simple but effective to drink before bed. Being that the tea is two ingredients, I really did not expect too much complexity but the ratios would play into this blend. I noticed that with the dried leaves that there were smaller pieces of rose with larger chamomile flowers (and the small pieces of chamomile that fell off). The aroma was heavy chamomile with its typical floral creamy notes. The tea that was brewed was a lovely clear golden color. As I tasted the tea, I noticed a mellow feeling that came from the rose petals. The rose petals mostly gave more character to the tea instead of taste, the notes of rose not being super apparent to me. The chamomile is the most evident note in the tea. This tea was quite calming to drink before bed and helped me fall asleep, but again, was a fairly simple blend overall.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Rose Petals
Origin: Egypt, USA

Flower Power: The aroma of this tea is very floral and slightly sweet. The rose petals and calendula is the most prominent aroma notes that I pick up just opening the bag. This tea brewed a brilliant red coloring with light pink tones to it. I noticed that the aroma was quite fruity and even (I was very confused) some smoke? I was quite confused but I sensed this in both the aroma and the taste even. Looking at the leaves, the green tea appears to be gunpowder green tea. The taste was extremely lovely. The hibiscus was the main act but the showstopper for me was the hint of smokiness that appeared in the background. I never thought fruity and smokey would be a killer combo, but I am 100% here for it. I did not really taste too much of the other ingredients, but I did notice that the hibiscus was more toned down than normal, which is typical of a rose and hibiscus combination. I did feel quite focused while drinking this tea, and I imagine my energy will only continue to go up after I finish sipping.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Calendula, Yerba Mate, Green Tea
Origin: Egypt, USA, China, Turkey, Brazil

Green Apple Ginger: I was the most excited about this blend as apple teas are one of my favorites to experiment with and most often, the most tricky to master. The aroma was quite sweet with a lingering spice of ginger. Honestly, the aroma reminded me of walking through an Orchard at the leak of apple season, there is just the slight crispness to the air. The taste itself was an interesting combination. There was some apple sweetness with an extremely subtle ginger element to it. The off thing was that I swore that I could taste the iron component in the apples. However, It is a little flatter in taste. As I was drinking the tea, I did wish that it would have one more ingredient to give it a bit more complexity. I really could not taste the green tea and the apple really takes over. However, the apple taste did not have a matched sweetness to it. Unfortunately, this blend is sold out.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Dried Apple, Ginger, Red Raspberry Leaf
Origin: Egypt, USA, China, Turkey, Brazil

Pricing: For both blends, one ounce of loose leaf tea is $6 and two ounces is $12. I think this is fairly typical for loose leaf blends.

Packaging: The samples that I received came in a small plastic bag that then was stored in a larger tea pouch. The individual plastic bag does not do too well at concealing the tea aroma, but the larger pouch was airtight.

Sourcing: Again, I was impressed with their sourcing information that they provided. They were able to associate a region with each individual ingredient, which I loved.

This was not the first time that I reviewed a tea from this company; See my previous review of their Ginger Cheer blend! Have you tried any teas from this company? Let me know. Happy Brewing!


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