A Dive into Tea Blends with Denver Tea Co

A Dive into Tea Blends with Denver Tea Co

The other day, a tea friend asked me if I had any recommendations for tea companies that specialized in tea blends. While a number came to mind, it reminded me of how popular tea blends are and how important it can be to highlight these small companies that have unique tea blends. Today, we are diving into Denver Tea Co, a family-owned US tea company from Denver, Colorado. One of the owners, Danielle (great name), started this company out of her love for tea and to get more time to spend with her family. They specialize in loose leaf tea blends. They sent me two of their blends, Colorado Sunrise and Mountian Mango. Here are my thoughts:

Colorado Sunrise: One of my favorite combinations for herbal tea blends are rooibos and blood orange notes. They pair together so well. The aroma was quite nutty and sweet, instantly calling out the rooibos base. Additionally, I noticed some more subtle blood orange notes with a bit of creaminess texture/character from the aroma. It took me a few cups, but I realized it reminded me of an orange creamsicle. The color was a bright orange with some reddish tones sprinkled in, but quite clear. I sipped on this tea while in class a few times, and it really got me through the 2 and a half hour period of talking about cybersecurity. The taste of this tea was quite bush rooibos heavy with its typical nuttiness, but upfront hints of citrus. It was quite sweet and almost had a tart lingering note, which was even more apparent when the tea started to cool down. I really enjoyed this tea. Upon drinking this a few times after, the rooibos is quite evident as a front runner in taste with the fruit aftereffects occurring of hibiscus, orange citrus, and slight vanilla feeling as well.

Ingredients: Red rooibos, hibiscus, rose petals, orange peel, orange and vanilla flavoring, safflowers. 

Mountain Mango: Right away, this tea was incredibly fruity-smelling when I was measuring out the leaves to brew them. This tea had a lovely balance of the tannins from the black tea with a gentle sweetness element to it. The brewed tea had a nice caramel bright orange color with golden edges to it, and was quite clear. The fruity sweetness was a lot less evident in the brewed tea but it created a more whole and round character to the teas. The marigold or perhaps the mallow flowers added a creamy texture to the tea. It was really lovely to drink and sip on, but I would not say that it overly stuck out to me as a tea blend. I did enjoy the balance that was evident, and as the tea cooled down, the fruity notes were a bit more evident. It was very smooth and not astringent at all. It was very mellow and gentle almost.

Ingredients: Black tea, marigolds, passion fruit flavoring, mallow flowers, mango flavoring.

Pricing: For both Mountian Mango and Colorado Sunrise, the loose leaf tea comes in 1/2 ounce for $4, 1 ounce for $8, and 3 ounces for $18.

Packaging: I received a small tea pouch of each tea which I believe is the 1/2 ounce, which had enough servings for maybe 5 cups (depending on if you use larger teaspoons or not). The tea pouch did release some aromas through the zip close, but it was not noticeable until my nose was right at the top of the bag.

Sourcing: I did not see any sourcing information available on their website or social media.

How often do you try new tea blends from new brands? I feel like it can be intimidating to try new brands, but very rewarding when you find out what you necessarily like and dislike. Let me know! Happy Brewing!


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