Double Glass Insulated Tea Tumbler | A Review Through the Seasons

Double Glass Insulated Tea Tumbler | A Review Through the Seasons

Way back into 2020, I was asked to review this piece of teaware – a double glass insulated tumbler from a company called Be Me, Be You. Shortly before my IG preview was to go up, they sold out! I took this opportunity to go through and test this piece out through the seasons – ranging Fall , Winter. Spring, and Summer. This proved to be slightly nerve racking, mostly because my track record with double insulated tumblers/cups are quite disastrous. I figured however, if I can keep this teaware intact, anyone else could as well.

This company does not have a lot of information available, but they primarily use Amazon to sell their tumblers. I decided that this review would most likely benefit the best in a pro and con format. (BTW – I am an Amazon affiliate meaning some links might make me a s commission to help support my blog)

Where This Tumbler Excelled:

  1. Temperature: The double insulated walls kept the extremely hot temperatures from getting to your hand. The additional bamboo piece helped secure the cup when holding it without the additional heat.
  2. Decent Heat Retention of Liquid: Is it a yeti? No. But did it keep my drink fairly hot and eventually turn into a tea I could drink? Yes. And this is what I think is the most important. I want a tea that I can eventually drink and will get cooler over time, just not cooling down immediately. This teaware gradually did so and I really liked that aspect of it.
  3. Overall Appearance: I love glass teaware. The ability to see tea when it is steeping, is a incredibly calming and centering feeling. The combination of the bamboo and double glass were not only functional, but quite aesthetic for a avid tea drinker to use.
  4. The Cute Small Jar: This tumbler was accompanies by a matching glass jar with an insulated bamboo lid. I did not use it to store or transport tea as it suggested, but I have used it in photography before. It allows you to get close up to the leaves without ruining them.
  5. Promotes Sustainable Tea Drinking Practices: I have been getting into sustainability and ways to reduce our plastic footprint. This tumbler came with a pretty nice infuser element to it, which helps lessen the use of tea bags and also helps lessen the need of to go cups.
  6. Fairly Easy to Clean: This piece of teaware was quite easy to clean and it was straightforward. The bamboo grip actually helped a lot to prevent the glass from slipping through my fingers while in the soapy water.

Some Noted Issues

  1. The Rubber Insulated Ring: The top of the tumbler is Insulated by a slight rubber ring on the inside of the cap. Occasionally, the ring would slide out and the tumbler would not be able to close properly. This, however, seemed to be a my tumbler problem, and not a general one of all of them.
  2. Needs a Tight Cupholder When Transporting: Due to my history with glass teaware and overall caution when handling them, transporting this piece in the car made me slightly nervous. If the cup holder was too big, it would rock back and forth, scaring me that I was one hard stop away from shattering it. It is more sturdy than I give it credit for, but you get the idea. Perhaps if I had a knitted sleeve to keep it protected, I would feel a bit better about transporting it.

Price: This tumbler is priced at $29.99 on Amazon, and for prime members, has free shipping. Looking at similar products, that is a fairly standard price.

Packaging: The tumbler came well packaged in a thin cardboard box. It had enough insulation to keep the glass protected.

What teaware do you enjoy when traveling about? Do you like glass or something more sturdy? Let me know! Happy Brewing!


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