Limoncello Gin Tea Cocktail | A Fun Twist on a Classic!

Limoncello Gin Tea Cocktail | A Fun Twist on a Classic!

Over the weekend, I had a cocktail that included limoncello, gin, thyme, and lemon. As soon as I drank it, I thought back to the Limoncello tea blend I was gifted by FAVA Tea and knew that I had to try to recreate the drink with its own tea twist. The first attempt completely failed, but after a few alterations and switches, I had my cocktail. In fact, my brother said that this was the first gin drink he actually enjoyed and my mother thoroughly enjoyed hers as well! Anyways, to keep this short (no one likes long introductions in recipes), here is how it went:

The Recipe

》2 Ounces Gin
》3 Ounces Sprite
》1/2 cup FAVA Tea Limoncello Cold-Brew
》Drops of Agave
》Drops of Lemon Juice
》Sprig of Thyme

Prepare the cold brew by combining 1.5 tsp of limoncello tea leaves in a cup of water, and place in the fridge overnight or for 6 hours. When ready, get a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients and give a few good shakes. Fill a glass with ice and a sprig of fresh thyme, then pour the drink over ice. Enjoy!

The Limoncello tea used in this recipe is a rooibos blend. The full ingredient list includes green rooibos, grapefruit slices, lemon peels, lemon granules, and marigold blossoms. It made for a wonderful cold brew and even better-mixed drink!

Do you enjoy tea cocktails? I sometimes find them an absolute struggle to make, but with the proper tea ratio and potency – it can be heavenly. Let me know your thoughts, Happy Brewing!


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