Peppermint Rosehip – Trying More Siberian Herbal Tea

Peppermint Rosehip – Trying More Siberian Herbal Tea

Hello again! Back with a wonderful review, and the company might be a bit familiar. Baikal Tea is a tea company I have previously reviewed (check out the review that I did on their Chaga Blend here, and their sample pack) , that focuses on herbal teas to help the body and mind. Sourced directly from Baikal Lake in Russia, their teas claim so many health benefits and now come in many different tea blend varieties. Baikal Tea sent me their newest blend, Peppermint Rosehip to try and share my opinions on. Here are my thoughts:

Peppermint Rosehip: Sometimes I find a nice cup of herbal tea before bed is the perfect ending to a particularly stressful day. Teabags are always an easy way to consume tea and are very convenient to bring on trips or keep in the office, which will most likely be how I drink this tea from now on. The aroma instantly gave me fruity vibes, exactly like rosehips. It has a really creamy almost element to it. The best way to describe it is fruity forward, with a herbal-like ending. The taste was subtler than I was expecting. I could not taste the peppermint at all. The tea was brewed for about 5 minutes in boiling water. I thought this was an interesting development, as typically peppermint is a strong element in teas when it is in the ingredient list. With that said, the tea tasted similar to the aroma. The rosehip took a front seat, and then there were more earthy, herbal notes in the background going on. I could immediately identify earthy elements of this tea that make it distinctly a Baikal Tea with the Siberian herbs. It was evident that this tea was made to enhance the herbs by covering them up which I really liked. I ended up trying to brew this tea again, this time for over 8 minutes as recommended on the packaging. I got pretty much the same results, but the next cup had more of a cooling effect on my mouth. I really enjoy the taste of rosehip, in general, and enjoy it in herbal teas before bed, so this tea was a perfect combination of rosehip and herbal notes.

Ingredients: Peppermint, Rosehips, Hawthorn, Motherwort, Rowanberry, Baikal Skullcap

Price: This tea can be found on both their website and Amazon for $14.95 for 30 teabags.

Packaging: The tea came in a large tea pouch that was able to keep all the aromas in, absolutely no complaints here. The teabags themselves looked to a starchy, paper texture, but I was not super sure what the actual breakdown is.

Sourcing: Baikal tea sources many of their teas from Lake Baikal in Russia, this one included.

What is your go-to tea before bed? Do you enjoy more fruity like teas or more herby-tasting ones? This is my third time partnering up with Baikal on their teas, and I have enjoyed the variety that I have been given. Happy Brewing!


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