New Blends with Rich & Pour Tea

New Blends with Rich & Pour Tea

Founders of Rich & Pour Tea, Shirley and Ryan, both found themselves using pop or coffee to get through their day, before transitioning to tea. When they met, they found a shared value of consuming tea and eventually started Rich & Pour. They believe that they are more than a tea company, but an evolving movement that surrounds itself with sustainability, health, and sharing ideas. Tea embodies many of the qualities that they believe in like growth, empowerment, community, restoration, connection, wellness, abundance, and sharing. It is from these values that they maintain their company. They sent me their Imagination (Peach Rooibos) and Synergy (Vanilla Black Tea) Blends. Here are my thoughts:

Imagination (Peach Rooibos): Whenever trying new blends, I like to do an (at least) three-phase trial. The first time casually sipping, second paying more attention/haphazardly writing down what I sense, and three a focused session. That is what I did for this tea plus a bonus family opinion as well! The aroma of this tea was very evident from first opening the bag and was quite potent. I could tell that the fruitiness was not natural from the ingredients but the natural flavors. Overall it had a nice rooibos base with a nutty-like aroma and some sweet peachy notes coming in and out. The peach was super evident in the aroma but not as much in the taste. It brewed a bright orangey-red color and was quite clear. The taste was subtly balanced. I used a bit more than I should have for a small pot of tea but did notice fairly consistent thoughts with each tea session. The tea had both peach/fruity notes and the subtle nuttiness of rooibos apparent in every sip but it did favor more of the rooibos. After a few sips, I noticed there was an undertone of harder floral notes that came up as well. My mom who does not like rooibos as much as I do said (and I quote) “Not too bad.” My brother actually gulped it down and “drank it with glee”. He went for a second cup to actually be able to provide some feedback. He noticed some slight peach notes with a dash of pear in the brewed tea taste.

Ingredients: Rooibos*, Calendula petals*, *Organic Natural flavors(organic compliant)
*Certified Organic
Region(s): Cederberg (South Africa) / Nile Delta River + Fayoum (Egypt)

Synergy (Vanilla Cream Black): I was very excited to try this tea out, as it was right up my alley of what I like with blended black teas. The aroma was very strong, much like the peach rooibos, and wafted up to my nose as soon as the bag opened. They were sweet caramel notes with a bit of a creamy texture. I noticed the aroma did come through the packaging a bit but was not as strong as when the tea pouch was opened. The tea brewed a nice orangey-brown color and was also quite clear. Looking at the dry leaves, they had whole dried flower petals in them with smaller pieces of black tea. My first thought with this tea is that it is slightly robust and astringent but has a nice balance of heartiness and sweetness. It is more of a dessert tea, and I love drinking these in the morning. Most of the sweetness was natural flavors, but it did not taste overly synthetic. The tea also kept the integrity of the black tea base in it instead of overpowering it with natural flavors which I appreciated. The vanilla-like and caramel notes came in a bit near the end of a sip with slight drying occurring in my mouth. This reminds me of the transition from summer to fall, so it is the perfect time to consume it. 

Ingredients: Black tea, Calendula + Jasmine + Sunflower petals, Natural flavors (organic compliant)
Region(s): Nuwara Eliya + Dimbula + Uva (Sri Lanka) / Nandi Highlands (Kenya) / Milgiri (India) / Nile River Delta + Fayoum (Egypt) / Fujian (China) / Gdansk (Poland)

Pricing: A large bag of the Peacy Rooibos is $12 which has 4 ounces of loose leaf tea. For the Synergy blend, it is 4 ounces of loose leaf tea for $14. I was surprised at this pricing, I was expecting these teas to run anywhere from $16-20 based on what I have seen in the market.

Packaging: The aromas slightly came through the packaging, which was a normal tea pouch. The pouches are also biodegradable which I love to point out. However, I did notice one confusing thing. They specify the caffeine ratio on the packaging depicted by leaves, with up to three levels of caffeine available. The leaves are then filled in based on the level. For the Rooibos blend, all three leaves were empty which confused me at first because upon first glance it looked like they were stating that the tea had a 3 leaf caffeine level (which rooibos definitely does not). The empty leaves leave room for slight confusion since there is nothing to base it off of if only looking at the one bag.

Sourcing: They are very transparent about the regions their ingredients come from. This tea is also USDA Certified Organic.

How often do you consume tea blends? I find myself normally consuming at least one variety a day, and the rest can be more authentic teas with my gaiwan or more tea blends. Let me know! Happy Brewing!


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