The Advents are Coming! The Advents are Coming!

The Advents are Coming! The Advents are Coming!

Hello my tea friends! If you are not following me on Instagram, you may not know this news – but I am making Tea Advent Calendars for the second year in a row!

As a blogger, I get the opportunity to work with some wonderful tea brands and share them with you all! However, writing about tea and actually sharing the opportunity to mass try brands I have worked with and loved, are two different things! This year, I have 21 unique sponsors to share with you – some old faces and some new. Here is a sneak peek at who this year’s sponsors are! Purchasing information is located at the bottom of this article.

Meet the Sponsors

Call Me Sweetea: Dani is a Fandom loving, tea drinking extraordinaire, starting her Call Me Sweetea in August of 2019. Her journey actually came to a stop when she had to temporarily shut down earlier this year, but recently came back into production. Her tea blends are mostly Fandom themed or based on the Oregon County Fair (with 15% of those teas going to White Bird Clinic), as well as many other seasonal and fun blends that many cannot find anywhere else.

Sinellia Tea: Founders Jeronimo T & Emilie C started Sinellia tea based on their desire to help others learn and access good quality tea at fair prices. Since its start in 2014, Sinellia specializes in selling Chinese full-leaf tea and teawares. Based in China, they have full access to tea masters and farms. They base their business on the following values: Authentic, Passionate, Honest & Respectful, Human & Caring, Professional, and Humble.

Kure Tea:  Candice started her tea company in March 2020, specializing in herbal tea and coffee Blends. They also have a Chakra tea line based on the 7 chakras. She wanted to share her herbal remedies to enable nurturing through nature for others after finding calming herbal teas to help soothe her and calm her stress and anxiety. With a Bachelor’s in Food Science and Technology as well as experience in Quality, it felt like a calling.

All Day Tea Club: From Mountian to Table, this company brings authentic Taiwanese teas to consumers! They believe that drink by drink, tea is what brings people together. Acting as a symbol of welcome, a connection between land and people, it brings different cultures and consumers together over a common purpose. All of their teas are single-origin sourced, brought to you from the Mountains of Taiwan.

The Tea Practitioner: This Toronto, Canada-based company was founded by the tea-minded duo Sierra Joseph-Quon & Brendan Roth. Their mission is to build relationships with farmers around the world, to bring the best loose-leaf teas to tea drinkers across North America. With a shared background in food and beverage as well as Sierra’s Tea Sommelier background, they wanted to marry the two together by introducing tea to other like-minded tea curious folk, foodies, food and beverage experts, and more.

Tave Tea: Michigan-based tea company, Tave Tea, was founded by Marta in 2021 (I actually found out about them at my local farmers market!). They specialize in cocktail-inspired loose leaf tea blends, exploiting consumers’ love of cocktails and turning the same flavor profile into the perfect tea blends. Starting as a hobby to help her through the lockdowns, she found a passion for creating blends that she wished to see on the market while having the best ingredients.

The Silk Tea Co: This company is a woman-owned, US tea company based in New York. Their blends are focused on desire and complex flavors influenced by ancient cultures, all created by company founder MJ. Their tea empowers women and specifically the narrative around women and desire. The company heavily seeks to foster peace, safety, and an end to domestic violence and abuse. Travel the world with just a sip.™ The Silk Tea Co offers the most powerful and luxurious teas with a social impact mission.

Teappo: Started by a husband and wife duo based in San Francisco, California, Teappo’s mission is to bring premium Taiwan loose leaf tea to tea lovers in the United States. With over 100 years of family history trading premium oolong teas, they build deep relationships with Taiwanese tea farmers and all of their teas are directly sourced from sustainable tea gardens in Taiwan. Most of their tea offerings are single-origin, small-batch, and prepared using traditional methods (e.g.hand picking). 

Paromi Tea: Founder Paul, grew up in the Virgin Islands drinking freshly picked “bush tea” and other herbs. After moving to Arizona for college, he found that he could not find teas to his standards until stumbling upon a teahouse where he learned from a Chinese Tea Master. From then on, he started Paromi and continues to source from the world’s top estates, making them available to everyone.

Bellasia: The idea of this company came from Mercedes, the founder, wanting to find a tea that was healthy and made for kids for her daughter’s tea parties, as well as wanting to make a character that was relatable for her adopted daughter. After searching, she could not find any princess-related tea. So, Mercedes created an entire business around tea for children included six royal tea blends and a corresponding kid’s book.

Teawrks: Female founded, this company delivers the finest organic tea to consumers from estates from China, Japan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and more. They provide a monthly tea subscription box company where consumers can completely personalize their box and curate it to all unique preferences while discovering tea from around the world at their doorstep.

Red Root Shop: Based out of Los Angeles, Red Root Shop sells Red Root Ginger tea which is rich in nutrients and powerful antioxidants with four simple ingredients and amazing health benefits. They want to share health traditions that Asian cultures have used for centuries with their consumers, all in the form of a simple cube. I was actually one of their first collaborations, and I always keep stocked up on their teas!

Preferred Matcha Tea Co: The founder Jo, lives with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia since 1991. After starting to drink matcha, she noticed her white blood cell count drastically go down and wanted to bring quality matcha and benefits into the lives of others. Her company focuses on quality and the effects that it can have on the quality of life and health. From that point, she traveled to Japan to find the best matcha and supplier, and the company was born. 

Asami: This tea company creates blends crafted to take you around the continent of Africa, bringing the centuries-old culture and healthy practices into your cup. Their teas are bold, zesty, spicy, delicate, smooth, and subtle, all coming from African artisan farmers. Their tea blends are “heritage-based, unique, and authentically stirred by shared cultural traditions from Africa”, with each product offering a unique story and background. Their goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle based on centuries-old cultures of tea drinking in Africa.

Senbird Tea: Senbird Tea is a NY-based organic Japanese tea company that brings some of the finest tea from local tea farms across Japan, directly to tea lovers all across the U.S. Each of Senbird’s teas is produced in small batches using traditional growing and harvesting methods, resulting in high-quality tea with robust flavors, aromas, and textures. Each of their farmers is a master of their tea variety, utilizing years of knowledge to produce their tea at its highest quality and freshness.

Ruby Lion: Leo Nima founded this tea company back in 2016, focusing on eclectic black tea blends. Their teas seek to challenge normal tea consumption and replace it with high-quality tea. They want to change consumers’ perspective that things have to be done a certain way in regards to tea blends. Leo wanted to start Ruby Lion To see the positive impact it has on the people who drink it and spend his efforts on something worthwhile in life.

Fairy Tale Teas: Bringing real fairytales to life with her tea, Marissa is proud to have started Fairy Tale Teas, a female and black-owned business. Just launched in October of 2020, she vows to bring a bit of magic in every cup with the possibility of glitter always around the corner. Her tea shows that the magic of fairytales never has to end, no matter the age.

Catskill Mountain Tea: Ashley is a Catskill and Mid-Hudson Valley area native and works to bring the romance and folklore of Catskill Mountains to her company. Her mission is to share the beauty and experiences of the Catskills to your daily cup, with tea blends that are reminiscent of memories that she has and treasures.

Nepal Tea LLC: This company’s story started in the 1960s when Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota was inspired by the tea industry in Darjeeling. He comes back to his village in East Nepal, and unfortunately gets instantly rejected when he brought his idea up to the town. Undeterred, he starts planting tea in his backyard and the original elder who rejected the idea gave the unused lands which would then be the 1st Certified Organic Tea Garden in Nepal, the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate. The story continues with the later founder being born, Nishchal, who eventually starts selling authentic, organic Nepal Teas.

Shifting Senses: The story starts with Levi and Rong Gao first meeting in New York and shifting to Wuyishan. Rong spent five years learning about the tea industry and business within the US, before returning to China to deepen her understanding with master tea crafters. Together, they formed both Shifting Senses and Xiang Tu Cha Shuo. To clarify, Xiang Tu Cha Shuo is the tea producer, and Shifting Senses is the direct link to the US Market. They specialize in whole-leaf Chinese teas.

BRUU Tea: This UK-based tea company works to connect tea lovers everywhere with gourmet tea that is tailored to your preferences. They sell teas from all over the world from all sorts of tea-producing regions. Their team visits some of the tea plantations when possible to keep in touch with their suppliers and make sure everything is good for them as well as the customers. Their boxes are packed by hand, to keep in touch with the customers.

These advent calendars consist of 25 days of Christmas and tea fun, being 25 individual presents that you can place under a tree and open each day. However, I am only selling 20 of these calendars. Each day is hand-wrapped by me (or a friend or family that I coerced/bribed into helping me) and definitely made with love. I will be selling this on my Etsy Shop, launching on October 31st at 1PM EST, for $35 plus shipping. I will only be able to ship to Canada and the US again! This is an increase in price from last year but the goal for me is not to make money, the goal of this project is to bring teas into the hands of those who love tea (while actually paying myself for the hours of work). Upon launching, I will put this on my Sip&Shop that will link to my Etsy shop.

Thank you guys for all of the support you have shown me so far, and for my sponsors, for believing in this project as much as I do for the second year. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do this again next year as I will be in my wedding month and will be prepping for that instead. So, thank you for all the support this year. Happy Brewing!


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