The Teas We Drink | Single Bush Gushu

The Teas We Drink | Single Bush Gushu

When it comes to the teas you drink daily, what normally comes to mind? Is it a nice white tea cake, tea blend, or some sort of single-origin tea? My friends at Shifting Senses just launched a new line of teas for everyday brewing called “Teas We Drink”. Instead of their normal single-serve containers, this set of teas comes in 35g in a re-sealable, airtight tin with multiple servings. They sent me two of their teas, but today I am looking into the Single Bush Gushu.

Single Bush Gushu (Red Tea no. 27)

This tea was very fun to explore in my gaiwan. Even though I do not always drink tea gong fu style every day, I enjoy a high-quality tea that I can casually gong fu by my desk while working. That is how I see myself consuming this tea. After waking the teas, I noticed the dry aroma itself is quite sweet and almost malty, with almost fig or date notes. As I started brewing the tea, there was a definite shift and the aroma turned sourer and had more peachy instead of fig or dates. The color of the tea was a nice, bright orange with some yellow spots in the middle (evident when up to the light). The one curious thing that I noticed was the tea leaves themselves turning more red with each steep. Given the name (Red Tea), I should not have been as surprised as I was, but I thought the name did not really mean that the leaves would be red! The taste of this tea was very naturally sweet. It actually tastes a bit like peach but quite lightly. Overall, it is a very light tea, smooth with no astringency. Similar to the aroma, there was a light maltiness and sourness, reminding me of gaba teas. After a few steeps, the tea reminded me of golden tips and how it normally tastes after a few infusions. It did not change too much steep over steep, but it was very nice to sip on.

Origin: Yunnan, China
Season: 2021

Price: This tea is 35 grams for $19. While this is higher on the spectrum, I know the quality of tea is also quite up there.

Packaging: This tin is resealable and had come with a peel-off top seal. Tins are my favorite way of storing tea, so I was very happy with the packaging.

Sourcing: As always, Shifting Senses provides great transparency for their teas and where they source it from.

What do you normally look for in a tea that you gongfu? Do you look for a daily drinker or one special one to consume from time to time? Happy Brewing!


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