Author: Danielle

Hi there! I am a college student who has a burning passion for tea. This blog is about my love for tea and also about my life and experiences. I love working with others and helping out where I can on my campus. Currently, I am having technical difficulties and have two pictures. Hmm...Sorry about that.

A Tea Lover’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and if you are a procrastinator like me, you haven’t figured out everything you want to do to celebrate with friends and loved ones. So I decided to go and compile a “guide” of sorts to help you figure out plans and what to get your friends and family this year. Of course, all this with the tea lovers theme. So if you are someone who has friends who love tea and do not know what to get them or if you are a tea lover who wishes to share their love with others, this article may be for you