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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Tea and Me Co also is affiliated in various marketing programs, meaning I may get a small commission from reviewing a product or showing information about a certain product, website, or company. I do not guarantee that my experiences will be the same as others, this is strictly opinion-based, and all information presented on this blog should not be held over the words of a professional. The information on blog posts is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Review Policy:

As a blogger, I collaborate with other companies and bloggers in a mutually beneficial relationship which sometimes is a post for a free exchange of a product. I try to provide unbiased content that is my honest opinion. To all future collaborations, I will not spread dishonest content to promote or trash a product I am reviewing. A company has full choice to send me a product and I have full rights to express my honest opinions about products and will, to my knowledge, have no dishonest information about the product. By collaborating with me, the company understands that even if a product is sent to me, I have the ultimate decision to review the product.