Collab Policies

Review Policy:

Collaborations are a large part of my blog and in many cases, I do a review post in exchange for tea. I take pride in the fact that I do not let bias drive my reviews and all opinions expressed in reviews are 100% mine. I do not spread dishonest information that promotes or trashes a company or product I am working with. I do, however, have the right to spread my opinion, positive or negative, about the tea I am reviewing. This is to ensure that my reviews are always honest and full of integrity. By collaborating with me, the company understands that even if a product is sent to me, I have the ultimate decision to review the product and have full rights to properly explain my opinions.

Upon the arrival of the tea, I will let the company know that I have received the tea. If I do not contact the company, the company is responsible for reaching out to me or reaching out to the post office. I start my reviews on a first-come-first-serve basis and like to take my time to properly review the tea to allow the best results for the company and product I am reviewing. When sending me tea, a company acknowledges that there may be tea reviews before theirs, making their tea review “delayed”. Upon inquiry, I can give a hesitant date and number of reviews before the company’s collaboration.

A new initiative of Tea and Me Blog is Subscription Box Saturdays. If a company is interested in participating in this series with their subscription box, please reach out. A new post is going up every Saturday and has a different schedule than normal tea reviews.

Once a collaboration has been established, the company now can apply to be featured on the Sip&Shop page. Please contact or Instagram Messaging for all Sip&Shop inquiries and questions about how to be featured on that page.