Collab Policies

As of 2021, I am shifting the focus *slightly* away from tea reviews. I want to continue to review tea but also go back to some of the content that I used to write such as tea experiments, recipes, and informational posts. With that said, my scheduling for tea reviews will be at most 4-5 companies a month still on a first-come-first-serve basis. Currently, I am about 2 months lead time in between receiving the teas and posting the review.

Thank you for understanding,

Tea Reviews:
Collaborations are a large part of my blog and in many cases, I do a review post in exchange for tea. I take pride in the fact that I do not let bias drive my reviews and all opinions expressed in reviews are 100% mine. I do not spread dishonest information that promotes or trashes a company or product I am working with. I do, however, have the right to spread my opinion, positive or negative, about the tea I am reviewing. This is to ensure that my reviews are always honest and full of integrity. By collaborating with me, the company understands that even if a product is sent to me, I have the ultimate decision to review the product and have full rights to properly explain my opinions. As of July 2020, I have decided to no longer review any teas that promote weight loss or are advertised as “skinny” teas. I have discovered that the ingredient Moringa, interacts with a medication I take, so I also am no longer reviewing any blend that contains that.

Upon the arrival of the tea, I will let the company know that I have received the tea. If I do not contact the company, the company is responsible for reaching out to me or reaching out to the post office. I start my reviews on a first-come-first-serve basis and like to take my time to properly review the tea to allow the best results for the company and product I am reviewing. In order for me to post a review, the company needs to make sure that the full ingredient list is listed on their product, website, or disclosed to me. I will share that ingredient list in the review. When sending me tea, a company acknowledges that there may be tea reviews before theirs, making their tea review “delayed”. Upon inquiry, I can give a hesitant date and number of reviews before the company’s collaboration.

Tea Recipes:
Upon doing a tea recipe collaboration, the content will be posted on my blog and endorsed through my social media. If a recipe video, I will normally share on my IGTV or Instagram, and then also upload it to Youtube to put on a blog post. Companies will acknowledge that I have ultimate control over all content related to tea recipes, but they may repost and share on their website and social media as long as credit is given.

Guest Posts:
Before writing a post for another platform (another website or social platform), both parties need to establish a general guideline of content, a practical posting date, and commitments for posting from both parties. When content is transferred over to new platform, may it be known that all content written by Tea and Me Blog is solely the property of Tea and Me Blog, and needs to be properly credited (Backlinks to the website, authors name and blog stated).

Sip&Shop Page:
Once a collaboration has been established, the company now can apply to be featured on the Sip&Shop page. Please contact or Instagram Messaging for all Sip&Shop inquiries and questions about how to be featured on that page.

Instagram Giveaways:
On my Instagram, I love to collaborate with companies for giveaways. I will host it on my feed (the company can choose to do so as well, or keep it strictly on my page) and have it running for at most a week. An excel spreadsheet is made to keep track of entries and can be shared with the company if asked. When paired with a review and I have the same product that is being given away, I can provide a picture and copy to use. If the product being given away is not something that I have, the company must provide the picture. The company is responsible for sending the product to the winner unless a previous agreement has been decided upon.